Enabling the Right Cloud Choices for Your Business

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Sep 28, 2021
Digital Transformation

Cognizant has partnered with Dell Technologies to provide a secure, integrated, and managed platform to orchestrate applications across multiple cloud landing zones.

Digital transformation
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As human beings, we are confronted with countless choices almost every day. Certain choices that we make have minimal consequences in our life while some others may have a significant impact. There is a quote on similar lines, which I found interesting, ‘The future you create depends upon the choices you make and the actions you take today.’ Have you ever thought about this in the context of the cloud world? If not, this is the right time, because the cloud world brings countless options before you, which can be  confusing at times.

Gone are the days when enterprises considering building strategies to lift-n-shift a specific portion of their workloads to public/private cloud  to test the waters. Mass ‘cloudification’ and ‘cloud led transformation’ is the new normal in this digital era. The evolution in the cloud world has fostered greater competition among numerous vendors, with myriad technological capabilities, offerings, and business models. They are battling hard to win our heart, with promises to save costs and  develop agility.

The transition from ‘why cloud’ to ‘how’ has led to a new set of challenges that is drawing the major share of the think time for the CIOs, as they proceed with their cloud adoption majority curve.  Be it to pick among the hyperscale public cloud providers or the leading private cloud infrastructure providers or a combination of both, the choices are plenty. All the finely presented cloud choices appear enticing to us but understanding our requirement and choosing the right option that satisfies it, is the most critical and challenging task.

Hybrid, the ‘new’ cloud

From a customer’s point of view, a successful future-proof cloud strategy should provide the maximum choice and freedom for the customer. The choice customers receive should be the best, enabling easy workload interoperability and freedom of migration to other cloud platforms so that a workflow can be deployed on cloud, based on its best fit in terms of performance, security, or compliance. 

Hence, ‘Hybrid’ is the most appealing ‘new cloud’ of choice for the current generation of cloud seekers.

However, this does not mean the liberty of choice that the hybrid cloud brings is free from all the challenges. Organizations planning to adopt a hybrid cloud strategy need to tackle certain challenges and complexities related to  existing legacy environments and investments, adaptability to current IT/applications, security and compliance, governance, and above all, the risks related to experimenting in order to get things absolutely right.

Delivering on the right choices

 To address the above challenges, enterprises will have to partner with experts who they can trust to make the right choices in the cloud world on their behalf. Experts who have tried and tested these hybrid deployments across multiple client environments and will bring in a well-informed and well-thought-out hybrid cloud strategy with the following benefits:

  • Commercial Freedom—Making your cloud cost-effective and efficient.
  • Technical Choice—Choice of a cloud landing zone with confidence based on the best fitment per workload suitability.
  • Operational Benefits—Centralized operations with reduced complexity in a multi-cloud environment.
  • Compliance Adherence—Built-in security to reduce efforts to implement security, compliance, and governance.

Cognizant and Dell Technologies are partnering together to enable customers with the right set of choices to provide a comprehensive suite of Hybrid Cloud offerings that leverages best-in-class platform & services from Cognizant and is powered by the latest infrastructure technologies from the entire Dell Tech family. This fantastic partnership of Cognizant and Dell Tech offers a scalable, secured, and integrated platform. Providing  a choice to orchestrate applications across multiple cloud landing zones with flexible consumption based commercial models and ensures an ‘ever green’ technology framework. This platform allows end-users to stay agile, respond to rapidly changing digital requirements, and focus only on tangible business outcomes.

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