Taking B2B CX Up a Level

BrandPost By Aaron Goldberg
Oct 12, 2021
IT Leadership

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Many customer experience solutions and technology products focus almost exclusively on the B2C customer. It’s true that the B2C market has more brands and many more customers than the B2B market, but B2B is growing in both size and value, so improving the B2B customer’s experience is too important to continue to ignore. And as in the B2C market, B2B customers now expect more empowered experiences and want to see digital solutions utilized to improve their interactions with vendors.

For example, B2B customers want to have more personalized, contextual, and efficient interactions with their suppliers, and digital interactions that are more engaging and valuable. But a great deal of improvement is needed. According to Gartner, as little as 17% of B2B buyers’ time is spent interacting with potential suppliers, and 80% of meetings with suppliers will be virtual by 2025, with users turning to self-service options. Tremendous efficiency gains are possible.

B2B brands want to connect and create long-term relationships with their customers. Now is the time to show a deeper understanding of each individual and their role in the business, their relationships with others on the team, and the business goals of the buying group.

Delivering New Capabilities to Engage the B2B Buyer

To address the needs of both B2B buyers and the brands that serve them, Adobe has announced several new features and capabilities in its various platforms that will solve many of the current shortcomings. These include:

  • B2P edition of Adobe Real-time Customer Data Profile (CDP): After announcing the availability of a B2B edition of Adobe Real-time CDP earlier this year, a third edition, Business-to-Person (B2P) of Adobe Real-time CDP, will soon be available. The B2P edition gives brands that sell to both consumers and business professionals a single offering for unifying and activating customer profiles.
  • B2B product recommendations powered by Adobe Sensei: Making the right recommendations is essential in B2B, since customers want to get things done in as little time as possible. With the new B2B product recommendations capabilities for Adobe Commerce, brands can implement intelligent product recommendations that take into account factors such as differences in pricing and product assortment. Because this feature is powered by Adobe’s AI and ML technology, Adobe Sensei, it greatly reduces the need for creating manual rules.
  • More synergy between Adobe Experience Manager Forms and Adobe Sign: Streamlining document signatures and the attendant workflows offers tremendous efficiency gains for both buyers and sellers. With the latest enhancements to Experience Manager Forms, B2B brands can now eliminate the time necessary to manage and interact with “wet signatures.” Digital signatures are also more secure.

Adobe is now bringing many of the advances found in the B2C space to B2B. For B2B brands, it is now possible to not only deliver better CX, but also to create meaningful and valued differentiation from other brands.