Taking the Next Step to Impactful Personalization

BrandPost By Aaron Goldberg
Oct 19, 2021
IT Leadership

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Brands need highly effective personalization. Delivering a subpar experience hurts a brand in two important ways. First, a disappointing customer experience is less engaging, resulting in lost sales or opportunities. Second, a CX that is less engaging than other brands’ CX can inflict lasting damage, because a better CX can pull users away from the brand with so-so engagement. Brands that don’t get this will find it nearly impossible to climb out of the hole that poor personalization efforts dig. And those that are doing well can’t stand still. Improved digital solutions arrive in a steady stream, enabling brands to constantly up the level of personalization they provide to their customers.

Enhancements to Adobe Target and Adobe Real-time Customer Data Platform (CDP) Improve Personalization

As a leader in providing infrastructure for brands and marketers to improve personalization and CX, Adobe is constantly adding to the marketing arsenal that brands can use to compete. Now the company has announced new capabilities for Adobe Target and Adobe Real-time CDP, improving personalization capabilities.

  • New integration of Adobe Real-time CDP and Adobe Target—The integration makes it possible to provide Adobe Target with a unified and consistent set of customer data from both on- and off-line interactions. Brands can now deliver instant same-page qualification and personalization. A good example of how this can work: When a customer has just purchased new gym shoes, the Adobe applications make it easy to stop sending discount coupons for them. Another: The solutions can proactively inform customer service agents why a specific customer is calling. And there’s the ability to provide personalization based on microsegmentation, which a recent joint study by Incisiv and Adobe showed to be a driver of key metrics by as much as 10 times.
  • AI enhancements to better support personalization at scale—AI is essential in delivering personalization at scale, and Adobe Target now delivers faster recommendation algorithms. This can improve both industry-specific and general recommendations. There is also a new shopping cart-based recommendation algorithm to make it easier to deliver more contextually relevant recommendations at the selection stage of the purchase process. True real-time recommendations in the correct context will have a huge impact on purchasing.

Many brands will discover their own, unique ways to leverage these capabilities to create new types of competitive differentiation. Personalization that is more finely tuned and responds in real time is essential for delivering the kinds of enhancements that market leaders want to deliver. Adobe’s focus on adding functionality and new capabilities to the platforms that many marketers are already using makes it much quicker and simpler to leverage these new tools for improving personalization. These announcements from Adobe are part of a steady cadence of enhancements that marketers can use to delight customers and improve business results.