How ActivTrak Helps Financial Services Companies Improve Productivity and Operational Efficiency

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Oct 14, 2021
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Managing a remote workforce has presented challenges for financial services managers. Here’s how they can keep employees engaged, productive, and efficient.

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When COVID-19 forced everyone to rethink their approach to work, employees at financial services companies proved they could be as productive at home as they were working in the office.

According to a McKinsey & Company study, the finance industry has the highest work-from-home success potential with 75% of employee time spent on activities that can be done in a remote environment without impacting productivity.

The sudden shift to remote work presented its share of challenges for financial services managers, including:

  • Ensuring that employees are engaged during business hours
  • Verifying that employees are closely aligned to goals
  • Keeping track of what tools may be slowing productivity
  • Identifying employees that need training or mentoring
  • Preventing employee burnout and turnover
  • Making work easier through process improvements
  • Adjusting workloads across teams

By implementing a workforce analytics tool, organizations are setting their employees and themselves up for success.

“ActivTrak helps us build trust, create transparency and accountability, and understand who is doing really well and how we can help others model them.”
York International

Getting the insights your team needs with ActivTrak

ActivTrak is a workforce analytics and productivity SaaS platform that provides data-driven insights through intuitive reports and dashboards. Its productivity insights allow managers to understand how work gets done, spotlight successful patterns, and reduce distractions to prioritize the work that matters most.

For example, managers can gain actionable insights around:

  • Activity Breakdown:
    • Action: View daily, weekly, and monthly work patterns including most-used apps, total work time, and productive work time.
    • Benefit: This enables managers to better understand when employees are most focused at work, ensuring employees are given high priority and complex tasks during that time.
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  • Technology Usage:
    • Action: Identify usage of irregular, unproductive apps and proactively uncover gaps in procedure training.
    • Benefit: With a list of specific productivity-hindering websites or apps, managers can address policy exceptions and prevent compliance risks.
  • Workload Balance:
    • Action: Identify over- and under-utilized employees to help balance workloads.
    • Benefit: Doing so will help employees define achievable and realistic goals they can meet while preventing burnout and keeping their customers happy with quality support.
  • Productivity Tracking:
    • Action: View total and productive time to understand how certain activities are impacting productivity.
    • Benefit: This helps managers define an expectation of productivity for employees and understand who stands out as a top performer.
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“It has allowed us to quickly and effectively monitor system, application, and online activity for our team.”
Financial Industry

Everyone wins with ActivTrak

Financial services companies nationwide use ActivTrak’s productivity insights to equip leaders with the data they need to improve workforce productivity and operational efficiency within and across teams.

The ActivTrak platform enables financial services companies to:

  • Empower employees to work when and where it makes sense for them
  • Increase accountability while instilling a culture of trust and transparency
  • Enable managers to run more effective and productive teams
  • Identify and resolve workflow bottlenecks
  • Track productivity trends across hybrid, remote, and in-office work settings
  • Find coaching and training opportunities

ActivTrak provides data-driven insights that paint a more consistent, continuous, and unbiased picture of employee engagement and productivity over time.

Leaders can track performance trends, identify burnout risk, reduce distractions, and recapture critical focus time, helping companies design more optimal workloads, workflows, and workdays that help reduce the risk of turnover.

Learn why our customers choose ActivTrak to improve their team’s productivity and operational efficiency — create a free account.


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