Meet the New Digital Demands of Your Customers with Full-Stack Observability

BrandPost By Liz Centoni
Nov 09, 2021
Technology Industry

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Credit: Cisco

Application outages and poor customer digital experiences happen to the best of us. Some outages make the news, and some customers share their frustrations publicly on social media. We’ve all been there. Emails fly around, war rooms get spun up, and it’s a race to identify the issue and solve it as quickly as possible.

Every minute an application is offline, or for every transaction your customer abandons, there’s a cost to your business and your brand reputation. While some users might return to your service after the application is back up and running, others may have already switched to a more reliable service. Brands get one chance to impress.

Your business and customers will never know (they don’t need to know or care) that behind the application they use every day is a complex stack of code and infrastructure across clouds, data centers, security protocols, networks, and the internet. There are thousands, even millions of interdependencies that could cause an outage or bad experience. All of this is managed directly by your teams, including some areas your teams rely on as a service from 3rd party providers. Your customers need a perfect application experience and your teams need to deliver.

Simply Monitoring Your Application Isn’t Enough

Typically each team that manages different areas of the stack start looking at their separate domain monitoring tools, and in some cases, the situation can turn into a race to claim innocence. Having seen hundreds of alerts in their monitoring tools before the outage or application issue, it can be extremely difficult to pinpoint which ones are causing the outage. Your teams are faced with the challenge that while the application may have millions of interdependencies between domains, domain-specific monitoring tools only look at one discreet area. The teams can only react after a problem is flagged within their specific area of the application or user experience.

Start Observing your Entire Application with Full-Stack Observability

Full-Stack Observability moves beyond domain monitoring into full-stack visibility, insights, and actions. It combines and correlates the siloed monitoring data your teams see now into actionable insights that provide shared context to the teams so they can deliver exceptional digital experiences, optimize for cost and performance, and maximize digital business revenue.

The operational approach with Full-stack Observability starts with visibility across the entire distributed application component landscape as well as the full-stack from the application itself, to the user experience, business transactions, and all the underlying infrastructure that powers the application. From this comprehensive visibility, your teams can now extract full-stack insights, taking all the relevant domain performance data and then correlating it in real time to understand the dependencies and related business and customer experience impacts.

What this can do for your teams is transform the hundreds of alerts they see in their monitoring tools into a stream of shared common context and insights that highlight which issues are impacting the end-user experiences and digital business.

With this new digital business perspective, your teams can now see the full-stack trends. They can take actions across their domains with complete context to improve application experiences, optimize distributed infrastructure, remediate security incidents, and maximize transaction revenue. They can prioritize performance, optimization, and security to deliver on the operational-specific KPIs. Most importantly, they can now cut through the monitoring noise and prioritize the issues that are impacting the business, making “war rooms” a thing of the past.

As you explore Full-Stack Observability see how Cisco can help deliver the exceptional, always-on and trusted experiences your customers demand. Visit the Resources below to get started today.