How to Build Better Experiences

BrandPost By Simon Harrison
Nov 17, 2021
IT Leadership

Succeeding in this new economic era requires a new kind of thinking.

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When the pandemic hit, the digital transformation of global businesses that was supposed to occur over five to ten years happened almost immediately, and it also significantly accelerated the transition to a new “Experience Economy” that was already underway. The Experience Economy is a post service-centric era known for the control it gives consumers, in which how people feel about their engagements with brands, and even with their own teams, is increasingly important. In the past, businesses created a product or service through innovation and expected customers to adapt to the “latest and greatest.” In the Experience Economy, the wants and needs of customers and employees must be the starting point for how we collaborate.

Start with Experience Thinking 

Customers and employees now demand engaging, tailored and effortless moments of communication and collaboration, and every business must now be able to create and offer these experiences if they want to increase customer and employee satisfaction and loyalty. As a result, experiences are now decoupled from traditional customer services, and it’s the experience itself that counts. This “experience thinking” is a new way of behavior for most companies. It isn’t figuring out the best way to embed SaaS into an enterprise. And memorable moments aren’t just another name for good customer service or great benefits. They are moments of communications and collaboration that leave memorable impressions by engaging with people in just the way they want.

For example, consider the need to make employees feel safe when they return to the office even as the risks from the pandemic remain. How can a large enterprise comply with evolving rules and regulations, while also taking into account the specific needs and preferences of their employees – and how their employees engage with customers? How can they quickly build, automate and optimize new flexible processes that connect multiple applications and multiple sources of information to identify risks and notify people in ways that will work effectively for different employees in different types of situations?

They can’t if they rely on siloed data and monolithic applications. For so-called “fusion teams” that bring the right people together at the right time on the right tasks, and then break apart to work on what’s next – a new type of solution and a new approach is needed. For the Experience Economy, creating unforgettable moments for each and every customer or employee is, in part, enabled by AI-powered tools that let everyone building the solution use all of the data, everywhere, to create the right experience for the right people.

Put Experience Building at the core of an enterprise  

Experience thinking is the first step to surviving in this new economic era. Creating and delivering these experiences requires a composable platform that drives employee and customer interactions. But experiences will not compose themselves.  If enterprise doesn’t have the support of a global ecosystem of technology partners and developers, then building experiences will always be a slow and complicated process – constantly a few steps behind meeting the needs and expectations of customers and employees.

The broader and more experienced the ecosystem is, the easier it will be for businesses to compose and deliver these experiences across their limited or siloed development functions. That way they can obtain the exact amount of co-development support they need, whether that’s simply subscribing to tailored existing experiences, developing completely new experiences, or leveraging AI technology to enable end users to spin up their own experiences if they want.

Through Avaya, enterprises already have access to one of the most expansive ecosystems in the industry, and we’ve recently launched Avaya Experience Builders™ for the very purpose of helping global enterprises thrive in the Experience Economy. This unique global collaborative is uniquely positioned to deliver the next-gen customer and employee experiences businesses need through the Avaya OneCloud™ AI-Powered Experience platform. It provides a multiplier effect where we are all benefitting and innovating together, rather than in our own silos.

To embrace the Experience Economy and deliver memorable experiences for your customers and employees, you need to become “experience thinkers” and connect into an ecosystem of expert partners to make that thinking a reality. Avaya Experience Builders can help.

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