Enabling Tech Teams to Focus on Innovation in 2022

BrandPost By Naran McClung, Head of Azure, Macquarie Cloud Services
Nov 29, 20213 mins

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Credit: Macquarie Cloud Services

2022 is shaping up to be a more positive year in turns of social and economic recovery as the pandemic draws towards its hopeful conclusion. However, the IT skills gap continues to be an issue as people around the globe turn their backs on workplaces that aren’t listening to their appetite for flexibility, autonomy and professional development.

Microsoft is claiming more than 40 per cent of the global workforce is considering switching jobs this year and LinkedIn reported a 26 per cent jump in Australian workers moving from one company to another compared with the same month in 2019.

The traditional, stuffy workplaces of the past with a top-down approach to management and rigid ideas about what success looks like are finally experiencing their day of reckoning.

When it comes to attracting an increasingly judicious workforce in a world of boundless choice, employers need to place a renewed focus on the employee experience, and I’m not talking about cosmetic updates masquerading as structural change.

Avenues for professional development should be increased, allowing for peoples’ voices to be heard, inputs to be recognised and for meaningful work to take place. Work that is unimpeded by distractions and time-consuming manual processes.

Leaders also need to drive internal efficiencies to free up time for employees to focus on meaningful initiatives. As a by-product, they will reap significant cost savings that can be funnelled into training, development and other opportunities for professional progression.

Having the right tools in your kit

These trends have been the driving forces behind Macquarie Cloud Services’ recent product roadmap, which has included the creation of tools to help organisations control costs and empower IT teams.  

To this end, the team recently launched Macquarie Lens, a self-service portal as part of its Azure Optimise program, after eight months of development.

Macquarie Lens allows organisations using Azure to gain new insights into their IT environments, specifically around compliance, governance, security and cost.

With the deep & unique insights offered, the self-service portal fast tracks the overall maturity of an Azure environment. This frees up valuable cycles allowing teams the freedom to focus on more innovative business initiatives. The result is a more engaged team.

As well as empowering teams, Macquarie Lens helps organisations uncover significant savings at a time when resourcefulness is front of mind. On average, customers are saving 26% off their monthly Azure bill. This is budget that can be reallocated to team development, training initiatives or as above new & innovative projects that leverage the Azure platform

There has never been a greater appetite for flexibility, career development and deriving maximum value from your investments. Organisations listening to these needs and incorporating them into their day-to-day are the ones that will invariably reap the benefits in 2022.

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