OpenText Voyager Awards: Celebrating Success in a Changed World

BrandPost By Preston Gralla
Nov 02, 2020
Technology Industry

These organizations have used information to adapt to a new world-transforming processes, improving work and connecting with customers.

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Credit: OpenText

The OpenText Voyager Awards recognize innovative OpenText customers who have leveraged information management solutions to create efficiencies, redefine business models and transform industries. They celebrate an impressive list of global enterprises across industries,  who have adapted to the new equilibrium and continue to succeed.

The awards were announced at OpenText World, the world’s largest Information Management conference, held October 26-29.  The winners are a diverse group, from a wide selection of industries, including utilities, government, retail, professional services and supply chain organizations. Each was recognized not just for their own organization’s success, but also for their individual contributions to global, leading-edge digital transformation.

Each of the winners was able to gain a competitive advantage by using information to transform themselves, creating exceptional customer experiences, superior operational effectiveness and differentiated business models. They were each able to come up with solutions to succeed in a world that changed overnight. And while the solutions weren’t necessarily designed for a COVID world—in each instance, they made working and living in a COVID world better.

Here are the seven Customer OpenText Voyager Award winners:

Cloud Innovation Award Winner: ABB

The leading global engineering firm ABB used OpenText Context Suite in the OpenText Cloud to better manage the complexity of its documentation and coordinate across a highly distributed organization and controlled exchange with its partners. It can now better manage its huge volume of documents, currently about 30TB, with millions of user requests per day.

Making a Difference Award Winner: Department of Social Development, Republic of South Africa

The South African Department of Social Development implemented OpenText Captiva, Documentum xCP and Documentum Records Management to move from paper processes to digital ones. It now adjudicates social assistance appeals quickly and accurately: 98% of cases are resolved on time, within 90 days, despite a 50% increase in workload. As a result, it is more effective in providing assistance to the poor, the vulnerable, and the excluded, helping to alleviate poverty.

Digital Transformation Excellence Award Winner: L’Oréal

The beauty leader L’Oréal merged its worldwide marketing assets using OpenText Media Management. The solution governs assets based on copyright information, localizing them for specific countries to serve the brands’ multichannel content and marketing strategy. That helped L’Oréal pivot toward being a digital-first business, and establish closer relationships with customers, while ensuring brand equity and brand integrity.

Rethinking Supply Chain Operations Award Winner: Red Hat

Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of enterprise Open Source solutions, digitized its manual processes for order processing with help from OpenText B2B Managed Services. Red Hat now includes all of its distributors globally in an electronic order-to-cash process and is expanding this to cloud service providers and other third parties. It has eliminated manual order management for 70% of North American suppliers, and forty percent of channel sales are now auto-booked.

Building a Resilient Organization Award Winner: Tata Power-DDL

Tata Power–DDL is a subsidiary of Tata Power, serving a population of 7 million in North Delhi, India. By using OpenText Documentum to manage content for enterprise applications, Tata Power-DDL has increased efficiency and customer service. They can now connect new customers to electrical power much faster. They have reduced 19 steps to three and achieved same-day turnaround by cutting connection time from 130 days to less than a day. In addition, they have implemented digital payments, customer self-service, and a new mobile app that has allowed them to adapt to COVID-19 much more efficiently.

Seamless Remote Work Award Winner: TDK-Micronas

A designer of integrated circuits, TDK-Micronas switched overnight to remote work when COVID-19 hit. Its engineers typically use high-powered Linux workstations connected to servers, which could be problematic for remote work. The company chose OpenText™ Exceed™ TurboX to support the remote use of high-performance applications, allowing engineers to simply move their office PCs to their homes and connect with no noticeable drop in performance.

Cyber Resiliency Award Winner: Webcor

Webcor is a  commercial construction company that faces many of the same cyber-threats that larger enterprises do, but with limited internal resources to counter them. With the help of the OpenText Managed Security Services team, it was able to improve their limited security policies and procedures to create a robust security environment. When the company went to remote work, this ensured they could enable secure work from anywhere.

Through the accomplishments of each of these award winners, employees can work safely from home without disrupting business operations,  customers can pay their bills with mobile devices, business data is secure and protected, and organizations can continue to grow in our new equilibrium.

To learn more about the awards and the accomplishments of each award winner, please visit the OpenText Voyager Customer Awards page.