#1 in HPC Storage, Gaining in HPC Servers

BrandPost By Janet Morss
Dec 11, 2020
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Credit: Dell Technologies

Artificial intelligence (AI), high performance computing (HPC) and data analytics are converging and evolving at a rapid pace.  At the same time, advances in computing, networking and storage technologies have made it possible to access these advanced computing capabilities using nothing more than small clusters and even workstations. This levels the playing field, putting HPC and AI capabilities within reach of a wider range of organizations.

As the worldwide HPC market expands, Hyperion Research reported at SC20 that storage is historically the highest growth HPC element and it currently represents 20% of HPC spending. With the winning combination of Dell and EMC, Dell Technologies is leading HPC storage, and Hyperion believes that Dell Technologies is in a position to become the number one player in the HPC server market.

According to a recent white paper by the analyst firm, “Dell Technologies has long been one of the world’s leading providers of HPC server systems, with a strong combination of capable hardware/software configurations and a proven range of technical support for key HPC applications sectors…The company’s unrivaled revenue growth rate in recent years has enabled Dell to close in on the number one spot.”

Hyperion goes on to say that “Dell Technologies’ strategy and market momentum position the company well to benefit from (and help drive) the continued growth of this worldwide market as HPC use expands at the forefront of AI, cloud computing and enterprise data center technology.”

While democratization of HPC is certainly creating market momentum, Hyperion also notes that “Dell’s growth has been even more impressive in the highly competitive Supercomputers segment, defined by Hyperion Research as HPC systems sold for $500,000 and more.” Hyperion Research reports that, “Dell has aggressively moved into the upper ranks of HPC performance. On the most recent [June] Top500 list, Dell provided two of the top ten most powerful HPCs in the world, including the number six-ranked HPC5 with a theoretical peak performance of over 51 petaflops, installed at Italian global energy company ENI, and the number eight system, Frontera, with a theoretical peak performance of over 38 petaflops, installed at the Texas Advanced Computing Center at the University of Texas-Austin.”

And while top performance numbers are important, they’re not everything. Customers adopting and expanding AI and HPC capabilities often need expert assistance to optimize performance and recognize positive returns on their investments. Dell Technologies is positioned to help these customers as well. As Hyperion Research states, “in addition to the company’s demonstrated capabilities in HPC hardware, Dell has deep expertise in scientific and engineering domains important to HPC users. This allows the company to conduct peer-to-peer selling and support customers across a wide range of critical HPC application areas.”

Hyperion Research concludes, “Dell Technologies is one of only a few companies in the world with sufficient resources and proven determination to pursue the attractive HPC market in all of its growing diversity and across all price points, up to the world’s most powerful supercomputers.”

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For the full story, see the Hyperion Research white paper “Fast-Growing Dell Closes In On HPC Server Market Leadership.”

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