Digital transformation snags the top spot as CIOs’ number one budget priority

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Jan 07, 2021
IT Leadership

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No one can deny the turbulence of 2020, begging the question, what is in store for 2021? 

The CIO Outlook 2021 report seeks to clarify the most pressing issues facing CIOs and IT leaders, from staffing and budget to managing remote work

The report is a must-read for CIOs who are contemplating how to approach the post-COVID landscape, define 2021 priorities, and solidify their plans to improve their organization’s infrastructure, departments, and processes. 

IT Budgets – Business as Usual

70% of surveyed CIOs experienced zero changes or less than 10% reductions to their budget and staffing. This statistic comes as a surprise as COVID-19 has impacted business worldwide, with several companies experiencing deep budget cuts or significant reorgs. 

77.3% rated digital transformation as the top priority for 2021, pushing cybersecurity down to second place.

With a stable budget in place, CIOs are positioned to allocate resources to support a remote workforce’s dynamic needs, maximize or optimize existing technology, and ensure that employees are digitally enabled. 

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Employee Well-being Moves to the Realm of IT 

The pandemic’s disruptive nature affected employees’ mental and physical well-being, with over 60% of CIOs citing it as a major challenge. The survey reveals that IT is playing a role in connecting employees to one another and to the workplace. From investing in more collaborative digital tools to introducing technology that accommodates remote workers and facilitates productivity, IT leaders have new challenges on their plates regarding the well-being of a dispersed workforce. 

Future-Proofing 2021 and beyond 

In light of 2020, CIOs can properly assess and predict what solutions and strategies they will need to move forward. The survey found that automation initiatives (51%), making IT resilient to disruption (51%), and creating a talent stream of just-in-time skills and abilities (49%) ranked highest when CIOs evaluated how to best plan ahead. 

Decisions around leveraging the right technology, like a digital adoption platform, to maximize the core business and employee and customer experiences now fall under IT management. As key influencers within companies, CIOs and IT leaders can define success for their organizations by focusing on strategic priorities and technology to confidently move towards the future. Read the full report here to find out where you stand when it comes to preparing for 2021.