Demystifying Zero Trust

BrandPost By Sophos
Feb 05, 2021

Zero trust is a cybersecurity mindset based on the principle of trust nothing, check everything. Read this report to understand what zero trust is, how to make the move towards it and the key technologies you need to do so.

cyber attack
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Enter zero trust; a cybersecurity philosophy on how to think about security and how to do security.  Zero trust is based upon the principle of “trust nothing, verify everything” and focusing on protecting resources regardless of where they are physically or digitally and to never trust anything by default.

No one vendor, product, or technology will get you to zero trust. Rather it requires a cultural shift and a lot of different solutions to shift the paradigms by which we secure our resources.

This paper looks at the concept of zero trust, the benefits of implementing a zero trust model, and provides guidance on the steps that organizations need to take to transition towards it.

Demystifying Zero Trust