Project Alvarium: The Backbone of Trustworthy Data

BrandPost By Steve Todd
Feb 11, 2021
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Credit: Dell Technologies

In 2019, in an introductory Dell Technologies blog, we discussed building the first Data Confidence Fabric. The technology has subsequently been re-engineered using the IOTA Streams framework, providing increased security and scalability, to help ensure the data trust that is imperative to organizations today.

Modern industries often rely on automated decision-making systems for business-critical functions. At a time of vastly increasing data volumes, the trustworthiness of the data that drives these decisions is difficult to assess. Through Project Alvarium, IOTA Foundation, a non-profit focused on distributed ledger technology and the machine economy, and Dell Technologies, provide a measurable way of evaluating the confidence in data before it is used by an application. 

The system logs different steps in the journey of each data point, as it travels from an edge or IoT device sensor, to a router, to an edge server, and to the cloud. Each interaction is given a trust rating, a score, according to industry-specific requirements. Importantly, these scores are logged on the IOTA Tangle to ensure integrity and prevent tampering.

In an upcoming webinar, we’ll demonstrate Project Alvarium’s ability to measure the trustworthiness of data. The project proves that trust on the edge can be measured. The presence of a Data Confidence Fabric allows for a host of new business opportunities and services. An obvious use case would be any industry that has a high degree of compliance or regulatory demands with fine grained access and revocation controls for sanctioned use, without loss of attribution opportunities. Read more to learn how Dell Technologies and Intel plan to leverage Data Confidence Fabrics in combination with Confidential Computing for privacy-preserving edge deployments.

I believe the importance of data transparency is integral to how organizations in every industry move forward. Data confidence is needed to manage data at scale, creating systems of trust in this data so users at all levels understand the terms of use. Project Alvarium will create this transparency and the more companies that integrate it into their processes and systems, the closer we’ll come to a future without data ambiguity.

To Learn More

IOTA, Dell, Accenture and Intel will discuss and demonstrate Project Alvarium, a simulated Data Confidence Fabric, during a public webinar, followed by a question and answer session on February 24, 2021 at 11:00AM EST. You can register for the webinar here.

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