Dell EMC PowerStore: Data-centric, Intelligent, Adaptable Storage

BrandPost By Dell EMC
Mar 03, 2021
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ITu2019s job has changed dramatically in the last few years, as IT organizations have been asked to make available huge amounts of data, of diverse types, in multiple locations, on-premises and in the cloud. There is so much to handle, and constant change.

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Managing silos of infrastructure dedicated to different data types and locations is a logistical nightmare that increases costs and inhibits digital transformation. Looking at the coming avalanche of data to handle and infrastructure to manage, IT organizations are seeking technology solutions that can do the heavy lifting. They need technology to help them get the right infrastructure for every data type, while keeping management simple and bringing greater flexibility and agility as workloads shift.

This report provides a brief introduction to Dell EMC’s PowerStore mid-range storage appliance and documents ESG’s testing that was focused on VMware integration and the distinctive AppsON feature, enabling organizations to run VMs directly on the appliance without external servers.