Optimize Next Solution Brief -Gen Analytics with Dell EMC PowerStore

BrandPost By Dell EMC
Mar 03, 2021
AnalyticsEnterprise Storage

PowerStore combines application and data scaling with ease of management that greatly complements analytics applications needs for scale-up and scale- out deployment models.

Conceptual trend lines track + monitor data analytics [forecasting / future / what's next]
Credit: SolarSeven / Getty Images

In the new digital economy, analytic applications are quickly becoming the backbone of the modern enterprise. As next generation analytics applications show value and become critical, the storage platform they are built on must provide the capabilities needed to keep pace.

The insights gleaned from the data collected and processed from these applications can inform and drive future business and commercial needs. For these next-gen analytics, an applicationdriven infrastructure engineered to both optimize and consolidate existing and new business use cases forthe future is key. The Dell EMC PowerStore storage appliance introduces a new era of storage and on-board application support for these next-gen analytics applications.