Top Reasons Why Customers Choose DELL EMC Powerstore For Microsoft SQL server

BrandPost By Dell EMC
Mar 03, 2021
Data Architecture

Here are top 10 reasons why you should go for DELL EMC Powerstore for Microsoft SQL Server

virtual data center servers
Credit: Henrik5000 / Getty Images

PowerStore has innovative capabilities that unlock the power of an organization’s most critical asset – its data. It has Data Centric Storage Platform for the Data Era 10 been designed to eliminate the typical tradeoffs in performance, scalability and storage efficiency. PowerStore’s single architecture for block, file, and vVols utilizes the latest technologies to achieve these disparate objectives without sacrificing the cost-effective nature of midrange storage. Microsoft SQL Server 2019 includes expanded PolyBase features, called big data clusters, which enable companies to gain insights on data across a wide variety of data sources, a perfect fit for PowerStore.

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