Why You Need an Execution Advantage

BrandPost By Celonis
Apr 01, 2021
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Every company is limited by its execution capacity, here’s how to unlock more of your potential.

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Modern businesses are made up of a complex interconnected fabric of processes, all dedicated to delivering business outcomes. Every company has a given execution capacity to perform these processes, based upon the level of resources that it has, multiplied by a factor of the time it can allocate to each process.

But many of these processes are not optimized in terms of their ability to deliver. Breaks in the fabric start to emerge, often because these enterprise processes are trapped inside of rigid and fragmented IT systems. It is a predicament that inherently limits an organization’s execution capacity.

It could be late payments that affect working capital, credit blocks that end up causing late deliveries, or slack inventory management combined with poor sales forecasting. Where the execution of business processes isn’t happening smoothly is often easier to see than the reasons why it is happening in the first place.

Closing the execution gap

Most companies are too preoccupied with daily operations to be able to sniff out these execution gaps. This is where an Execution Management System (EMS) from Celonis can help make these gaps visible, allowing businesses to identify, prioritize and digitize them before optimizing for better outcomes.

By connecting transactional systems in real-time, an EMS allows an organization to effectively manage execution capacity. It is the difference between a nice-to-have process improvement and a more impactful process breakthrough.

When business leaders get their first taste of how process management can be driven towards a new point of excellence through the use of an EMS, it is often described as an ‘ah-ha’ moment.

“Celonis has become a key component in our daily order management throughout the supply chain. It has allowed us to make quick, data-based decisions and significantly improved short- and long-term prioritization of tasks and projects,” said Nicole Hoke Director, Supply Chain at Ascend Performance Materials.

Unlocking trapped capacity

Cofounder and co-CEO of Celonis, Alexander Rinke, talks about how the Covid-19 pandemic drove companies to refocus on their core business: buy, sell, pay, and get paid. For example, a large electronic components distributor was able to reexamine its operations and put Celonis on top of its procurement, order management and wider supply chain processes in 2020. Employees were directed to take their next ‘best’ action at any moment in time and help the mission to supply components for respirators, effectively doubling its ability to execute and perform as a result.

An EMS not only unlocks processes from the constraints of underlying business systems, it lifts the artificial cap on performance that’s been getting in the way of real business breakthroughs and trapped execution capacity. This progressive approach means organizations can understand the execution gaps holding them back and take immediate, automatic action to bridge them.

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