A Tower of Power for Your Enterprise Ecosystem

BrandPost By Stan Gibson
Mar 29, 2021
Technology Industry

An ecosystem control tower provides visibility to enable your digital transformation initiatives to flourish.

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In the world of supply chain management, the concept of a control tower is well known. It enables managers to see the relationships between different elements in the supply chain and to spot and remediate any disruptions that might occur. But what if you could visualize that supply-chain control tower with its view extended across your entire enterprise data ecosystem?

This ecosystem integrates data across both internal and external systems, combining the application-to-application (A2A) and the business-to-business (B2B) worlds. The result is business-to-anything (B2A) integration. An ecosystem control tower that surveys a B2A environment delivers visibility that translates to immense value.

However, the kind of control tower we are talking about here is not a rigid structure that is imposed equally on all organizations – it’s a toolkit with which to build a responsive structure that fits each organization’s different needs. And this toolkit includes capabilities that are new and powerful: artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and predictive analytics. These capabilities give an organization a chance to look into the future with a previously unknown level of detail.

For example, you can view global order and shipment tracking information and correlate that data with internet of things (IoT) information. Integration with IoT sensor data enables visibility into real-time shipping conditions such as temperature, moisture content, and weight.

By mapping out the supply chain, you can better understand dependencies and points of weakness where disruptions could occur. Ecosystem visibility lets you map information flowing into your internal ERP platform from the external supply chain and watch as it moves between the different constituent ERP business systems – and then back again to the supply chain – extending your view of dependencies and potential disruptions.

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Analytics speeds remediation

The analytics capabilities in the OpenText B2A business network enable you to examine and understand information flows inside and outside your organization. You can respond to a disruption according to its severity because you can see the connections. Disruptions with many dependencies can be remedied immediately by launching orchestrated processes. Greater visibility over events, thanks to your ecosystem control tower, enables you to remove risk from your entire organization.

As you monitor transaction flows between your organization and the components of your supply chain, you gain the information necessary to evaluate trading partners and rank them. The data can also deepen your relationships with top performers while cutting back on your commitments to laggards.

In the future, the ability to scan a data lake to perform predictive analytics will give you the ability to see – and act on – patterns of data that had been invisible.

In short, an ecosystem control tower delivers the power to see, understand, and do more – giving you the ability to run your organization at a higher level of efficiency and a lower level of risk than has ever before been possible.

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