Oracle Cloud VMware Solution: A Strategic Option for the Global Enterprise

BrandPost By Pete Bartolik
Mar 31, 2021
Cloud Computing

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Some of the toughest issues for IT leaders to come to grips with in planning cloud migration are how easy will it be to move and manage their workloads. Oracle and VMware have teamed up to alleviate those concerns, enabling organizations to move VMware workloads and run them natively on Oracle Cloud without any need for modification.

In a recent webinar, Oracle Cloud: The Ideal Enterprise Platform for VMware, executives from both companies provided insights into the availability and benefits of Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS).

Meeting Enterprise Requirements

With Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, Oracle addresses enterprise requirements head-on with Security, Predictability and Control. Enterprises can migrate their VMware virtualized workloads at a global scale, using existing security best-practices. Equally important, IT operations executives can depend on Oracle to provide consistency in VMware operational best practices, published and predictable costs for cloud infrastructure and a solid foundation to manage data ingress, egress and accessibility without punitive financial impact. For most VMware customers, they require full management control of their VMware environment and/or have dependencies on their consultancy or managed services partners where they have retain services with

“The cloud world has given rise to a new set of vocabulary. This is great if you keep up. VMware has a certain vocabulary that is fluent amongst enterprise IT professionals.” said Eric Pan, Oracle Senior Director of VMware marketing. “With OCVS, we subscribe to the well understood VMware vocabulary and will help to perpetuate these standards. “

With OCVS, VMware customers can migrate their applications without having to make changes and later use Oracle Cloud services—ranging from Oracle Autonomous Database to chatbots—to modernize them.

Enterprise-grade public cloud

Built on Oracle infrastructure, OCVS is an enterprise-grade public cloud solution that allows VMware customers to use the same tools they rely on in their on-premises environments, said Mark Carroll, an Oracle Cloud Architect.

“Other cloud providers are trying to change the way people manage their VMware environments, but OCVS is in lockstep with the VMware Cloud Verified program,” he said. 

Carroll said VMware users will be able to take advantage of “an incredibly fast network with purpose-built, bare metal machines capable of 40 useable Terabytes of storage per node to match the 52 physical procs or OCPUs. “

OCVS provides customers with the ability to provision, control, and manage the full technology stack from root access up to the individual virtual machines. Furthermore, that level of control can be vested in managed services providers that VMware customers may be relying on.

Global scale

OCVS became globally available in June 2020 in commercial clouds. That’s now up to 22 regions globally, said Jay Workman, VMware, Senior Director of Alliance Marketing.

“Oracle went all in,” he said.

For customers running VMware in data centers, OCVS makes cloud migration a much simpler process, according to Workman. Customers can get their software defined data center (SDDC) infrastructure delivered as a service by Oracle and offer the same user experience in the cloud that users are accustomed to with on-premises VMware implementations.

According to Carroll, OCVS provides a better hybrid cloud environment and can be delivered to VMware customers “in hours, not weeks.” Customers can rely on the same SDDC functions in both on-premises and cloud implementations.

“You can scale where you want and when you want, either on-prem or cloud,” Carroll added.

Security zones

VMware instances run in Oracle Cloud in security zones that ensure unauthorized parties, including cloud providers, can’t access customer data, view their configurations, or control their operations.

Learn more about how Oracle Cloud VMware Solution can reduce costs and modernize your VMware infrastructure with security, speed, and scale: watch the webinar, read the latest announcement around OCVS support for vSphere 7 and visit for additional resources.