Ensono Is Helping the World’s Most Successful Companies Implement a Modernization Strategy That Harnesses the Cloud

BrandPost By Ken Phillips
May 06, 2021
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It’s not lost on Andri Sianipar that some of the mainframe systems Ensono associates support and modernize are older than the developers working on them.

We spoke recently with Sianipar, Vice President of Infrastructure Line of Business at Ensono, to learn more about the company’s work serving some of the world’s most successful organizations in their efforts to transform their IT infrastructure, whether that involves increasing the performance of existing legacy systems, migrating to the cloud, or a combination of both.

“There are nearly 2,000 organizations running Mainframe systems in North America, and many of the benefits some of those same systems delivered three decades ago are still valid today,” says Sianipar. “Security and rigidity – not to mention that they get the job done – is why many companies continue to use them for their core, business- critical applications.”

Among providers of IT solutions and services, Ensono is unique for the depth of experience and breadth of services it offers to enterprises with IBM mainframes. Sianipar notes that these organizations continue to face pressure like everyone else to optimize their IT dollars and lower costs. This includes improving the performance and security of their legacy estate, which for many of Ensono’s clients have been in place for decades.

“Many of our clients are looking to modernize their systems asking how they can sustain and manage their existing infrastructure where it’s not strength of its workforce,” he notes. “Some want to move toward a software-defined approach that embraces the cloud in all of its forms, while for others it makes more sense to instead increase the performance of their applications in current place, while also deploying the cloud strategically.”

In all cases, Ensono’s clients are looking to complete a digital transformation – an effort in which Ensono considers itself. In almost every case, this involves refactoring or replacing some of an enterprise’s legacy, yet business critical applications or modernizing them. These typically include applications that run core financial and ERP systems.

“At Ensono we’re equally adept at helping clients transition out of legacy or alternatively increasing its performance,” Sianipar says. “Regardless, in either case it requires time and commitment. Our team of U.S. and international experts can keep their existing systems up and running, while our consulting and advisory experts work with them to either optimize those applications or determine what we need to redevelop or repurpose them for a transition to the private, public, or hybrid cloud.”

Sianipar also notes that the company’s strong partnership with VMware and its VMware Cloud Verified badge play an important role in both scenarios. Notably, Ensono relies on VMware’s technology stack for the Ensono Cloud, which delivers both shared and dedicated cloud services for clients that have the most stringent security and performance requirements.

“Enterprises are always tasked with containing costs and optimizing performance, but they also have business practices and processes they can’t compromise on or alter,” Sianipar says. “We therefore need to be very flexible when it comes to each customer’s unique needs for the cloud, while also having the ability to bolt in practices and processes they can’t deviate from for compliance and other reasons. VMware technology is crucial to deliver that flexibility and to confidently maintain that tight control that so many of our customers demand.”

While Ensono works extensively with most clients in a software-defined environment (the company operates four high-performance data centers in the U.S., two in the U.K., and two in Germany), it also has teams of experts that empower clients to maintain and operate physical appliances that align with their long-term IT and security strategies.

In addition, Ensono offers disaster recovery as a standard offering in its cloud and builds in the ability to regularly test business continuity. Clients know that all systems, physical and virtual, will work as expected during an actual failover.

Sianipar stresses that every enterprise’s needs are unique.

“We provide recommendations on where applications should reside, whether that’s onsite or in a public or private cloud, and we help ensure that our customers put the right workload on the right platform,” he says. “That means looking at each organization and each deployment independently.  For this reason, we also have the Ensono Flex program to allow clients to shift workload across platforms without having to worry about penalty.”

Learn more about Ensono and its partnership with VMware here. Case studies on Ensono’s work can also be found on the company’s website at https://www.ensono.com/case-studies.