How to get started with Execution Management Systems

BrandPost By Celonis
May 21, 2021
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process mining
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We have already talked about what Execution Management Systems can do for you and why you should be paying attention to your execution capacity. Now we will dig into how you can get started with an Execution Management System by giving your people the necessary tools and mindset to start to truly unlock their execution capacity.

When companies wanted to uncover their biggest business process bottlenecks before, they would have to bring in armies of analysts and consultants for a months-long process. Those consultants would try to map the process reality from subjective user interviews, incomplete data and disparate, siloed enterprise systems. Now, thanks to technology from Celonis, organizations can start to connect those locked-away data points into a single view of key business processes immediately. Process Mining is the first step — the technology delivers a real-time X-Ray of your business, and is the starting point for diagnosing your biggest execution gaps. With that X-Ray, business leaders can get complete visibility over their key business processes, benchmark against their peers and find and fix gaps to maximize capacity and business performance by leveraging AI and automation.

“You can take the action and make the changes and build new processes, better processes, using our platform, without the need to change the big transactional systems, like your CRM system or ERP system or supply chains, and unlock billions in economic opportunity,” Alex Rinke, Co-CEO of Celonis said in the video interview below.

This year has highlighted just how vital executing at maximum capacity can be — from the global computer chip shortage choking the electronics and automotive industries, to the supply chain challenges afflicting the vital global vaccine rollout. Unlocking maximum execution capacity can be a genuine matter of survival.

Of course, this kind of change requires more than just great technology, it also requires an organizational mindset shift. Only by giving your key decision-makers a single view of how their processes are operating in real time, can you truly enable them to unlock those hidden gains.

“We work with thousands of businesses, all around the world, and the thing that’s most common among them is that CEOs and management teams know that they need to change every single process that they have in their company to launch themselves into the future and be successful,” Rinke said.

To that point, most Celonis customers start with one process — usually one core to the business like Order-to-Cash. The Execution Management System acts as an intelligent layer on top of your existing systems, so you don’t have to rip out or replace the systems on which your business runs. Instead, you now have the ability to extract and analyze event data in real time using process mining, with smart, AI-driven suggestions to help you identify the most impactful areas to make changes, and automated workflow improvements to take action immediately. As Rinke puts it, once Celonis has provided an X-Ray of that process, “you’ve got the gateway to improving your business at speed.”

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