The Definative Product Analytics Buyer’s Guide

BrandPost By Amplitude
May 23, 2021

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This toolkit includes real tools, slides, and assets that we’ve co-created with hundreds of customers. Inside you’ll find:

  • The Definitive Product Analytics Buyer’s Guide: Best practices and resources across six stages of the buying journey.
  • The Buyer’s Deck Template: Dozens slides you can actually use to present to your internal teams and with your vendors.
  • The Buyer’s Workbook: A collection of tools to help you assess, align, and plan.
  • RFP Template: Both a simple and robust version of a customizable RFP for web, product, and digital analytics.

Step-by-step Buyer’s Guide from Problem Identification to Implementation You’ll receive a six-part guide that will help you and your team reduce friction across each step of the buying process. Access best practices and tools from pinpointing problems and use cases, judging readiness, exploring solutions and building requirements, selecting the right vendor, and finally adoption and implementation.