Amplitude ROI Guidebook

BrandPost By Amplitude
May 23, 2021

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Better Decisions Lead to Massive Returns

Product intelligence improves your decision-making. Instead of operating in the dark, you can immediately see the impact your product bets have on the customer experience. You quickly home in on what works and discard what doesn’t.

With Amplitude’s product intelligence solution, companies get the information they need to make smart decisions. Marketing teams send highly personalized and targeted campaigns, product teams quickly iterate on feature releases, and analyst teams have confidence in their data quality. The result: maximal growth with minimal cost.

That sounds abstract, so we went in search of hard numbers. Nucleus’s research found that, on average, Amplitude customers saw a 655% ROI, with a low of 130% and a high of 1386%. Factors contributing to that ROI included increased revenue, reduced software costs, and reinvested employee time weighed against the total cost of Amplitude ownership.