by CIO ASEAN staff

Southeast Asia’s ‘smart cities’ project finalists

Mar 30, 2020
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IDC is taking votes for the best smart cities project throughout Asia, including 16 projects in the ASEAN region.CIO

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To encourage smart use of technology by governments to solve real operational challenges, analyst firm IDC has its annual Smart City Asia Pacific Awards. IDC has released its list of finalists for the 2020 awards, and several “smart city” projects in Southeast Asia are named.

Civic Engagement:

  • Indonesia: Provincial CRM platform, Jakarta government

Digital Equity and Accessibility:

  • Indonesia: Desa Digital / Digital Village, West Java government
  • Indonesia: Jakarta Kini (JAKI), Jakarta government

Economic Development, Tourism, Arts, Libraries, Culture, Open Spaces:

  • Malaysia: Intelligent Tourism through Digital Currencies and Blockchain Currencies, Malacca government
  • Singapore: Singapore Tourism Board and Singapore Hotel Association


  • Malaysia:, MDEC, Ministry of Education
  • Singapore: Opencerts, Ministry of Education

Public Heath and Social Services:

  • Singapore: Live Healthy SG, Health Protection Board

Public Safety: Disaster Response/Emergency Management:

  • Philippines: DATOS Project: National Disaster Remote Sensing and Data Science Help Desk, Department of Science and Technology, Advanced Science and Technology Institute

Public Safety: Smart Policing:

  • Malaysia: Facial Recognition System to Combat Crime, Penang state government

Smart Buildings/Smart Tech Parks:

  • Singapore: Smart Lighting for Public Housing Estates, Housing Development Board

Sustainable Infrastructure:

  • Malaysia: Blockchain Institute for Renewable Energy Using Palm Oil, Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology

Transportation: Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Public Transit, Ride-Hailing/Ride-Sharing:

  • Singapore: On-Demand Autonomous Buses, Sentsa Development and Ministry of Transport

Transportation: Transport Infrastructure

  • Malaysia: Penang Smart Parking, Penang and Seberang city councils
  • Vietnam: Intelligent Traffic Control and Roads Management Solution, Hanoi Department of Transport

Urban Planning and Land Use:

  • Singapore: Smart Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Enhanced (SUAVE), Nationwide Singapore

IDC’s full list includes projects across the Asia-Pacific region and more detailed descriptions of each project. IDC is seeking votes on its finalists to help determine the final winners to be announced later this year.