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Apr 20, 2020
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Resilient organizations empower remote workers in the face of the massive disruption through secure remote working, supply chain flexibility, dynamic omnichannel experiences and more.

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Ensuring business productivity in today’s uncertain times has put security, accessibility and collaboration at the forefront of every business. While societal changes mandate staying home to ensure safety, business is adjusting to a new way of working.

Digital transformation has long been the key to success and competitive advantage but is now a base requirement to maintain business continuity and productivity. Remote work solutions can help maintain productivity keep up with business demands by offering offer access to digital information, wherever and whenever it is required.

By adopting information management solutions, organizations of any size can maintain stability throughout both progress and disruption to survive the coming months and thrive in the future.

The growth of remote working

While the current pandemic has caused a sudden and drastic increase in remote working, it has only accelerated an already growing trend, which has been increasing for more than 20 years and is likely to continue beyond government issued “stay at home” orders.

According to recent 2020 remote working statistics, the number of people who work from home has increased by 140% since 2005. In fact, the research shows remote working is one of today’s most desirable employment benefits resulting in 25% lower employee turnover. The benefits also extend to employee well-being, with people working remotely at least once a month saying they are 24% more likely to be happy and productive.

Organizations need to prepare for a long-term change in how people and teams are managed.

Remote working challenges

Enabling employees to be productive outside the office is one of the biggest challenges that organizations face, presenting hurdles, including:

  • Information access: Providing access to the systems and information needed to perform tasks.
  • Process Continuity: Moving Business processes from customer service to product development forward despite fragmented workforces and information flows.
  • Unstructured Collaboration and Teamwork: Keeping dispersed and distracted teams connected and on target with access to the most current, accurate information and feedback.
  • Information Governance: Adhering to security, compliance and privacy best practices and regulations.

While employees and businesses undoubtedly benefit from the added flexibility of remote working, organizations assume the inherent risks.

The tools to maintain business continuity 

Organizations need to empower employees and maintain productivity with remote solutions for rapid decision making, flexibility and total endpoint protection.

Collaboration Online collaboration tools and digital workplaces show a 20-30% increase in productivity Enterprise-grade solutions help distributed workforces simplify collaboration and offer workers a secure way to store and exchange files both inside and outside the corporate firewall.


97% of employers surveyed believe a lack of alignment within a team directly impacts the outcome of a task or project Designed to maintain accessibility and keep remote teams in sync and on track, productivity solutions help teams coordinate assignments, feedback and automate routing.


More than 127 devices are added to the internet every second of every day.   As more employees access the network from remote locations and devices, the number of endpoints, and the potential for bigger, more sophisticated, more frequent and more targeted attacks increase. Installing robust endpoint security on all devices, keeps remote employees and their business data safe.

More than ever organizations need the tools, built-in flexibility and strength to withstand any changes in business and our world.

The Resilient Organization

Resilient organizations empower remote workers with the tools to be collaborative, productive and secure and help maintain productivity in the face of the massive disruption through secure remote working, supply chain flexibility, dynamic omnichannel experiences and more.

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