by Clare Brown

Best practices, advice, research for IT leaders

May 05, 2020
IT Leadership

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to challenge the IT community, IT leaders turn to experts, peers and research for help with those issues and more.

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Entire workforces, including IT teams, forced to work from home. Digital projects put on hold. Supply chains hampered. The IT community is being challenged as never before.

In fact, research by IDG shows the COVID-19 pandemic has permanently changed how we work. The survey of 414 IT leaders shows 71% say the work from home shift has created a more positive view of remote work and will likely impact how they plan for office space and staffing in the future.

However, the survey also found 44% say they needed to acquire new technology services/solutions to address the new work dynamic, and 52% say their supply chain will see continued disruptions, impacting their ability to innovate.

And as IT leaders look to the future – after the crisis subsides – costs, budgets and expense management have become the primary focus, according to the research. Top five concerns include the following:

  • Cost control and management (41%)
  • Improving IT operations/system management (38%)
  • Redesigning business processes (37%)
  • Developing and redefining business strategy (36%)
  • Security management (33%)

At the same time, survey respondents say given the state of the business, the CEO’s top three priorities include leading digital business and digital transformation initiatives (37%), improving the remote work experiences (37%), upgrading IT and data security to boost corporate resiliency (29%), and reducing or rationalizing IT spending (28.

IT leaders will play key roles in those, and they will be looking for advice, suggestions, and best practices from experts, as well as their peers. And they – like all of us – realize the need to stay connected.

Advice from industry experts, other IT leaders

To help with that, IDG has launched the IDG TECH(talk) Community, an exclusive community where members can share stories, best practices and conversations, and network with peers and industry thought leaders. It’s an environment where they can inspire one another through this challenging time.

The community has been in the works for several months, and we feel it’s more important than ever to launch it now, as we all adjust to this new (sometimes challenging) way of life.

IDG TECH(talk) Community members will have an opportunity to see the latest thought leadership from the IDG editorial brands you know and trust, including CIO, CSO, Computerworld, InfoWorld, and Network World. Plus, members will receive weekly emails inviting them to participate in real-time live chat sessions, polls, surveys (like the one referenced in this article), and discussion boards.

Share insight, network with technology professionals

By sharing their insights, Community members will help their peers – offering them relevant, real-world advice they need to put technology to work in their professional and personal lives. The hope is that members will drop in and see us at least once a week. Members’ feedback is important and will help shape future offerings. In return, we will regularly share how such feedback is being used to inform IDG’s content, events, services, and ideas.

Plus, members can earn rewards along the way. As a thank you for their time, members can earn points to access exclusive research, earn cash, and make donations to charities. In addition, they will receive exclusive insider information and opportunities to interact with some of IDG’s research, editorial, and other industry experts.

For more information about being a member of the Community, please visit IDG (TECH)talk and/or send an email to