by Byron Connolly

Bundaberg toasts its first tech chief

May 10, 2020
IT Leadership

Caville moves across to the drink maker after a 10-year stint at Auswide Bank.

cio steve caville
Credit: Bundaberg

Australian drinks icon, Bundaberg Brewed Drinks, has appointed Steve Caville as its first ever technology chief. He joins the Queensland-based company after a 10-year stint at ASX-listed Auswide Bank.

Bundaberg said on Monday that Caville will guide the business through major changes expected in the industrial sector around increasing automation and reliance on data to drive smarter business decisions and efficient manufacturing.

The company said Caville will initially gain a strong understanding of the brand – which is now seen in 60 countries worldwide – the strategic roadmap and team culture. He will use this base to prepare himself to review the technology platforms to get the company ready for its next period of growth.

“There are no immediate timeframes for technology revisions at Bundaberg Brewed Drinks,” aville told CIO Australia. “It’s important to get the foundational elements right for the building-out of platforms to support further automation, and the next generation of smart manufacturing machines.”

Bundaberg said it was always part of its strategy to invest in technology to drive the business forward, but with technology and data analytics now more central to business than ever, it was time to up its commitment by hiring a genuine CIO.

Bundaberg boss John McLean said the new role would create important new opportunities for the company.

“Across the globe, strong leadership in technology has become paramount to business growth and maintaing a compettive edge. Steve will be bolstering our technological capabilities to generate efficiencies and innovations that will drive results throughout the whole organisation.”