Adobe Intelligent Services Bring Real Business Value to AI

BrandPost By Aaron Goldberg
May 14, 2020
IT Leadership

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is often viewed as a panacea for a wide range of potential applications and use cases. However, the broad applicability of AI technology has made it difficult to develop actionable development plans for utilizing it. Adobe is changing this dynamic with the announcement of Intelligent Services, which leverage Adobe Experience Platform with specific use cases and focus.

“Adobe’s introduction of Intelligent Services, powered by Sensei, that are aligned with common marketing tasks not only makes it much simpler to utilize AI, but they also bring the power of AI to more of the marketing team,” says Monica Lay, principal product marketing manager at Adobe. “This increased utility will allow more brands to take the next step for enhancing the customer journey and improving their interaction with brands.”

Adobe has introduced five Intelligent Services that leverage data in Adobe Experience Platform. By simplifying the availability and use of data, the focus moves from data wrangling to using AI to obtain actionable insights. Positioning Adobe Experience Platform as the data foundation greatly simplifies the process of using AI. The five intelligent services are:

  • Customer AI: This service helps brands analyze historical and real-time signals across the business to better understand customer actions. (Available now)
  • Attribution AI: Marketers often have multiple touch points with customers, and brands frequently overvalue the initial touch point. Attribution AI provides an intelligent measure of marketing effectiveness to better understand the value of each touch point, not just where a sale occurs. (Available now)
  • Journey AI: The ability to intelligently manage engagement and prevent customer fatigue is central to a positive customer relationship. With intelligent understanding of the journey, it’s now possible to create key metrics such as a “fatigue score.” (In beta)
  • Content & Commerce AI: Excellent content is critical to success, yet many marketing teams don’t have critical input showing how best to increase the performance of an asset. This service provides details down to color and style to improve performance. For commerce, this service intelligently understands real-time signals to improve product recommendations. (In beta)
  • Leads AI: The ability to accurately interpret customer signals, especially on a longer buying journey, to know exactly when they’re ready to buy is key to success. This service recognizes where customers are in the prospect journey and when it’s time to act. (In beta)

One customer, NVIDIA, is using Customer AI to better identify customers at risk. With a remarkable 96% accuracy rate, the service analyzed a wide range of behaviors to find those individuals. AI was able to provide a segment of customers who would be best served through specially tailored content and campaigns.

As Derek Sun, digital marketing analyst at NVIDIA, observes, “AI and machine learning have a big role to play in the future of marketing. Adobe’s Intelligent Services provide mature data science models that are both flexible and fast to deploy, helping us be more in tune with our communities and deliver the right content to the right person at the right time.”

In much the same way that new analytic tools are creating “citizen data scientists” from regular employees, Adobe Intelligent Services are enabling traditional marketing staff to tap AI to build better processes and derive insight from them. For more information, click here.