Node4: Where Exceptional Service Is More than a Motto

BrandPost By Ken Phillips
Jun 15, 2020
Cloud ComputingIT Leadership

Credit: Node4

“Exceptional Service as a Standard is our motto, but it’s not just a buzzword,” says Marc Woosnam, technical director of U.K.-based Node4. “It’s actually fully ingrained into our culture. The entire company has been through exceptional service training and it’s what our customers expect in every interaction and at every phase in our work with them.”

As one of the fastest-growing technology services and solutions providers in the U.K., Node4 has a lot going in its favor. Woosnam cites a few of the things that set it apart.

“The fact that we control our entire portfolio ourselves is really important,” he says. “We own all of our own data centers and have a low-latency, high-performance core network running through them, with which we can provide our cloud services and our own hosted enterprise-grade SIP and collaboration platforms. In this way, we’re able to maintain stringent control over how available and how reliable the services and solutions we offer are, which in turn gives our customers the peace of mind that comes with having a truly trusted partner.” 

This mindset is essential given the mission-critical IT Node4 delivers around the clock, regardless of where customers are in their digital journey.

It’s also one of the reasons the portfolio Node4 offers is so extensive.  It includes the company’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution; data centers in Derby, Leeds, and Northampton; its MPLS Core, collaboration, and SIP platforms; and the N4 Cloud, a high-performance, VMware Cloud Verified platform. Node4 even offers a Services Gateway that enables businesses to access its entire infrastructure and solution portfolio.

The company’s IT services are also highly varied. Security services include everything from Security-as-a-Service to penetration testing and mobile device management. Additional offerings available as a service include those for storage, backup, disaster recovery and database management.

Node4 also provides DevOps and development expertise and consulting services that guide customers at any point in their digital transformation.  Notably, the company’s private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, and shared cloud services all draw on Node4’s longstanding experience with VMware technologies.

“Being VMware Cloud Verified is throughout our DNA,” says Woosnam.  “Almost everything we do touches a VMware cloud at some point, whether it’s our own N4 Cloud which is Cloud Verified, or our collaboration platform which is hosted in its own VMware environment. We strive for technical excellence and aim to deliver the best service we possibly can. And part of that is having the best designed cloud infrastructure.  The VMware Cloud Verified badge assures our prospective customers that we offer an excellent technical cloud solution coupled with equally excellent service.”

Drawing on a Software-Defined Approach

Recently, Node4 has seen even greater demand, not only for cloud services, but for the software-defined approaches virtualization makes possible.

Stagecoach is one such company. When the U.K.’s largest bus and coach operator looked to upgrade its existing infrastructure, it turned to Node4 for a software-defined network to replace it. Now the company benefits not only from a lower total cost for bandwidth, but also greater control and capabilities – all while furthering its cloud-first strategy. Stagecoach connects its more than 230 sites on a network that can be easily expanded to include as many locations or offices as needed.

“We enable our customers to use the cloud to change not only their infrastructure, but how they do business,” says Woosnam.  “With the cloud, employees at widely dispersed organizations can work together as if they are in the same room.”

Learn more about Node4 and its partnership with VMware here.