Huawei iSuperSite Solution Wins ‘Best of Show Award’ Grand Prize at Interop Tokyo 2020

BrandPost By Huawei
Jun 22, 2020
Technology Industry

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Credit: Huawei

At Interop Tokyo 2020, the largest annual ICT exhibition in Japan, Huawei’s iSuperSite solution, the industry‘s first energy multi-input and multi-output power system, won Grand Prize for Best of Show Award for its simplicity, convergence, intelligence, and reliability.

“We are highly honored that Huawei iSuperSite has been awarded Grand Prize for Best of Show Award. This signifies the recognition of our customer-centric innovation and advanced technologies by the Japanese market,”said Zhou Taoyuan, President of the Huawei Digital Power Product Line.

In the digital era, experience- and business-driven connectivity and computing are becoming ubiquitous. Site power that in the past formed part of base stations’support infrastructure has now become the cornerstone of the network. Site construction involves building traditional equipment rooms, rigging together multiple boxes in the power system, and overlaying multiple systems. Multiple stages are needed, including engineering surveys, negotiations, approval, and civil construction. Construction cycles are long, investment requirements are high, and fast service provisioning is impossible. Site management is complex, and the current structure incurs high site CAPEX and OPEX.

Based on the concepts of simple, intelligent, and green, Huawei’s industry-first iSuperSite solution enables site deployment in various scenarios without needing to renew the mains, building equipment rooms, adding cabinets, or replacing cables, to help customers achieve optimal TCO.

Super simplicity

Huawei’s iSuperSite solution integrates a 5U, 36 kW power supply capacity, which is double the industry average. Battery backup time is up to 1000Ah. It supports 5G, F5G, MEC sensors, and all ICT equipment can be housed in one site, without building equipment rooms, to help customers rapidly deploy and achieve optimal TCO.

Super convergence

The iSuperSite solution harnesses an intelligent, unified, and comprehensive energy platform. Multiple power supply inputs, including mains supply, solar energy, wind energy, and diesel generators, and multiple voltage output standards, are supported on one platform. With the solution, all ICT equipment can be housed in one site, maximizing site resource utilization.

Super intelligence

Huawei is accelerating the digital transformation of base stations by adopting AI and IoT. Harnessing these technologies, the iSuperSite solution optimizes the full “smartification” of the energy network, such as intelligent power supply, intelligent energy storage, 57V intelligent constant voltage technology, smart metering, and intelligent network management, dramatically reducing investment in energy storage.

Super reliability

The iSuperSite solution features ultra-high heat dissipation capacity, and class A environmental adaptability, and integrates multiple smart anti-theft measures including digital anti-theft and AI image analysis.

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