Overcoming Challenges Together

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Jun 22, 2020
Technology Industry

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“People hope for good luck in times of prosperity and are amazed by good luck in times of adversity.”

In today’s digital and information society, people are more connected to each other than ever before. When a pandemic suddenly strikes, these connections allow us to quickly learn about what we are experiencing. With countless people sharing their own strengths to contribute to the common good, no one is left isolated:

When the outbreak began in China, Si Xiang, a doctor at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, went straight to the frontlines in Wuhan. There he fought the pandemic as a member of the Guangdong Medical Aid Team.

On the frontline, he had to face large numbers of seriously ill patients every day, as well as uncertain danger. He found himself in a race against time, actively working to save patients’ lives. He and his fellow team members worked four six-hour shifts a day. After working constantly for several days, their biological clocks all went out of sync.

“The hospital was overcrowded. You had no idea if or when you would be infected.”

Hu Ziqi is head teacher of the ninth grade and Chinese language teacher at Shenzhen Fuyong Middle School. The pandemic led to holidays being extended “indefinitely,” and many students were unable to leave their hometowns and return to school. As time passed, the senior high school entrance examination drew closer and closer. During this unprecedented time, teachers and students came together like never before to prepare for the vital examination.

“This is the longest break I’ve had as a teacher. With the high school entrance exam approaching, many students are still stuck in their hometowns.”

Mr. Li, a courier in Shenzhen, was used to the usual hustle and bustle throughout the city. However, many restrictions prevented people from going outside amid the pandemic. As he traveled across the city, he was worried about his safety but felt a sense of responsibility.

“I was not allowed to take packages to the door, and many customers were worried that their packages would be lost. These were all vital deliveries such as food and protective equipment.”


Overcoming challenges together

To Si Xiang, the best feeling in the world is when his patients are discharged. The high cure rate would be impossible without weekly telemedicine consultations with experts from Guangzhou. These consultations allow experts from various departments to gather together, giving Dr. Si strong support from the back end.

“We had videoconferences with back-end medical workers every week that were hugely beneficial. They helped us better understand our patients, which boosted our confidence during treatment and bolstered out efforts in defeating COVID-19.”

During the pandemic, Ms. Hu Ziqi’s students would go online for their classes. Children who had been anxious and frustrated at home due to the pandemic regained their confidence as they “returned to school,” and some even volunteered to take extra lessons.

“Although my students come from across the country, everyone is online when a class begins. Sometimes this really touches me. COVID-19 may have shut schools down, but it can’t stop students from learning.”

5G-enabled unmanned vehicles were utilized in many hospitals and communities across the country during the pandemic. The contactless services provided by these unmanned vehicles made the patients and residents feel safe. What Mr. Li has noticed the most is that more and more customers have shown care for him during the pandemic, which touches his heart.

“My customers told me to take my time and take care. I was truly touched by these words.”

During the outbreak, Huawei supported the stable operations of more than 300 operator networks in over 170 countries and regions around the world. ICT infrastructure has become a strategic cornerstone and driving force to overcome the outbreak. ICT infrastructure is vital to the health and well-being of every industry, family, and individual.

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