Podcast: Turbocharge your cloud strategy

BrandPost By association with Avanade
Jul 16, 2020
IT Leadership

In the middle of a global crisis, IT and business leaders face challenging decisions on cloud strategy, migration, cost and security.

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From SaaS to PaaS and LaaS, the cloud is growing in maturity. IT and business leaders are looking to the cloud hyperscalers for reliable infrastructure, application modernisation, improved backup and disaster recovery, and an ability to harness newer technologies, such as AI and machine learning.

But are organisations truly getting value out of the cloud? Are they achieving ROI? And if not, why not?

In this podcast episode, the first in the series with Avanade and CIO.com, Avanade’s CTO Mark Corley and Azure platform lead Tim Callaghan discuss:

    • The changing value of cloud: Why it’s no longer just about cost
    • Are we seeing rising cloud costs?
    • Are organisations repatriating workloads in the new remote working world?
    • Is there more to cloud than just ‘lift and shift’?
    • How would most IT and business leaders rate their cloud maturity?
    • How to navigate hybrid and multi-cloud strategies
    • Ultimately, how organisations get more value from their cloud investments, for Covid-19 and beyond

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