Podcast: Rethinking security in a remote working world

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Jul 16, 2020
IT Leadership

In this second episode of the new CIO and Avanade podcast series, Avanade’s Sangeeta Dewan and Jason Revill discuss what security looks like in the ‘new normal’.

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Pre Covid-19, it could be argued that IT decision makers were increasingly adopting a cloud-first strategy in order to help them reduce IT costs while gaining flexibility and scalability. These same CIOs, however, realised that cloud-first did come with its fair share of security concerns – just look at Capital One, America’s tenth largest bank, which saw a data breach after a Web Application Firewall was misconfigured in AWS, allowing attackers to gain access and steal data. Or look at US health insurer Anthem, which suffered a breach impacting 80 million customers, after cybercriminals smuggled data out of a cloud-based file sharing service. Even the cloud hyperscalers themselves are not immune from such attacks. Small wonder than that, in one study, 40% of companies admitted they slowed cloud migration due to these issues. Ultimately, most IT decision makers recognise that securing cloud comes down to designing and implementing a relevant security strategy, introducing appropriate training, implementing the appropriate security controls and working with trusted managed service providers to enhance the skills they have in-house. In this episode, Avanade experts Jason Revill and Sangeeta Dewan discuss: • The state of cloud security: Where CIOs are today amid global crisis • The common myths and misconceptions around cloud security • How CIOs maintain security in a heterogeneous IT world • The rise of DevSecOps – but is it a reality in 2020? • Practical guidance: The tools, techniques and teams needed for cloud security Click here to listen to the previous episodes in this podcast series by Avanade