Aligning Content Management and Marketing Activities

BrandPost By Aaron Goldberg
Aug 18, 2020
IT Leadership

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The importance of content creation and access to existing brand assets in successful enterprise marketing and CX projects cannot be underestimated. But barriers to effective digital experience project management remain a challenge for many brands when teams and stakeholders cannot easily collaborate on content.

Managing content throughout a project lifecycle in a cohesive and seamless fashion helps brands address a number of key issues. One of the most important is the ability to pivot content based on changing market demands without putting a strain on the content operations teams. Another is the ability to better leverage existing content to optimize budgets and provide more appropriate assets more quickly. For those that need minor changes, integration of end-to-end project workflows with digital assets allows input, feedback and quick approvals on desired edits.

Adobe and Workfront recently joined forces to address this issue and to provide a solution that integrates content and digital CX platforms with work management that incorporates campaign resource allocation and budgeting. It’s now easy to directly connect digital asset management (DAM) and creative tools at every step of a project. Automating work processes improves efficiency and agility, and it increases the output velocity of content teams. Agility is particularly important as many campaigns are highly dynamic, and iteration as needed is a major process improvement. The Adobe/Workfront partnership delivers capabilities that automate and simplify what had been manual (e.g. email-based) and time-consuming tasks that span multiple teams.

This integrated functionality is driving several key use cases that brands will come to depend on. In many cases, the joint solution will provide the workflow connectors that dramatically improve project “time to completion” metrics and reduce costly rework. This integration also improves collaboration and makes project goals or needs clearer for each party. Activities that will benefit the most from this approach include:

  • Integrated campaigns
  • Creative content production
  • Virtual/physical event planning
  • Website production and maintenance
  • Marketing operations
  • Legal and compliance

Results from using Adobe and Workfront together are compelling. A major apparel manufacturer saw its time for retrieving relevant digital assets during key projects drop from days/hours to minutes. This allowed them to better re-utilize existing assets and lower costs.

For those brands that want to implement this solution and derive the benefits discussed, Adobe and Workfront have some advice that will help you move forward more quickly. First, step back and plan out in detail what the brand is trying to accomplish. There can be a lot of change management as the brand reviews work processes, collaboration efforts, and workflows.  Another important tip is to ensure that everyone in the entire process, from upstream creative teams to downstream execution teams, is involved. Every perspective will be important.

Improved integration of digital content and work management optimization efforts is essential to successful CX. But without the right technology platform, it’s still a mostly manual and resource-intensive activity. Adobe and Workfront are changing the game by delivering an integrated solution to help brands make the most out of their digital assets while improving work efficiency.

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