Adobe’s Magento Platform Named a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant

BrandPost By Aaron Goldberg
Aug 27, 2020
IT Leadership

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As the pandemic permanently alters the landscape for ecommerce, it’s more important than ever to provide an exceptional buying experience for customers. With stores turning into “pick, pack, and ship” locations and needing to support more contact-less delivery, a retailer’s digital commerce platform must be able to support these and other fundamental changes.

“The realities of COVID-19 have catapulted ecommerce technologies to the forefront as brands are looking for ways to engage with their customers at a personal level and offer exceptional experiences,” says Jason Woosley, Vice President, Commerce Product and Platform, at Adobe.

Based on its ability to deliver an optimal solution for digital commerce, Adobe’s Magento platform has been named a Leader in Gartner’s latest Magic Quadrant report on this category.

The growth in new direct-to-customer initiatives will continue unabated. And brands are now required to provide much more than just a basic storefront. Customers want an intelligent, personalized experience to facilitate their purchases, and the buying experience has become a key means of competitive differentiation.

In addition, the ability of brands to increase their agility and integrate commerce platforms with key digital marketing and customer experience systems is critical to success. Magento Commerce and Adobe Commerce Cloud (a bundled offering that combines Adobe Experience Manager with Magento) meet these demands and many more. This strategy is a key reason why the Magento platform is recognized as a Leader by Gartner.

Adobe’s success with Magento is aided by a large and highly capable ecosystem of partners that help brands get the most from their implementation. These partners provide a wide range of complementary services and products that help make Magento the preferred ecommerce platform for a wide range of brands. Adobe’s ecosystem approach is unique in that developers, agencies, and solution integrators work closely with Adobe to empower brands to innovate. The Magento platform is also highly flexible: a single brand can engage with both B2B and B2C customers using Magento, eliminating the need for multiple commerce solutions. And it’s easy for smaller businesses to start with Magento and then grow seamlessly into the future without having to change commerce platforms.

Being named a leader in a Gartner Magic Quadrant report is an important validation of Adobe’s strategy to optimize Magento. It affirms Adobe’s vision for what a current and future commerce platform must deliver.

Tp read a complimentary copy of the Gartner Inc. 2020 “Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce” research report, visit here.