The Annihilator of the Mishap

BrandPost By Joe Doria
Sep 08, 2020
IT Leadership

Why a focus on the customer is your best starting point

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What makes a business durable?  Customers do!  Especially the ones that keep coming back for more, and the new ones too.  That said, nothing can be taken for granted.  You can count on it — someone is trying to take your customers from you with something different or just the pretense of that.  That would be those gnarly competitors, on the endless path to disrupt, win, and annihilate (you).  

In today’s world it is an undeniable truth that creativity and innovation is squarely aimed at winning over your customers. 

So what’s a business to do? 

We can agree all things start and end with the customer.  Are you serving them well?  Do you know them well?  Are you anticipating their needs and consistently delivering value?  Do you have all of the base elements of the client experience and journey in place?  How about tech and how that relates to customer engagement and experience.  Are you in the place you need to drive success?

Technology is certainly a key ingredient.  It’s a two-sided coin.  On one side, it can be a game changer and a way to distinguish your service or offering.  On the other side, get it wrong and an unexpected mishap can be devastating because most customer interactions are in a digital form. This is true whether it’s a bank, an insurance company, a government service, or a cup of coffee you’re picking up on the way to work.  The business transaction is the most elemental form among your customer interactions and experience.

So it’s easy right?  Every single business transaction you execute with your customers has 100% integrity and is 100% accurate, especially when dollars and cents are involved.  And your service is secure, with no risk of a hack or breach.  It’s reliable and available 24x7x365.   Except when a mishap occurs.  That moment where clients are motivated to write and share a review.  It’s this moment your reputation and business viability is at stake. 

Ok, so it’s not insurmountable.  As I said earlier, you have to start and end with your customer in mind.  You have to make the technology strategy and decisions that put you in control.  You can’t be distracted by shiny objects that do not deliver value.  I’ll leave that last one to your imagination and your own past experiences.

What if there was a foundational platform that you knew you could count on.  That had seven nines of availability, was the most secure, and was the annihilator of the mishap?  And better yet was a modern platform that could be managed with state-of-the-art tools to take on your business’ most serious challenge?  You might be surprised to know this platform exists today and underpins the world’s financial systems.  It can be found in nearly every sector and covers all the bases for the modern digital client experience. 

Have I piqued your interest?   Get started on your path today.