How Splunk boosted security and productivity at ASICS

BrandPost By David van Dantzig
Sep 21, 2020

ASICS is a well-known Japanese multinational specializing in sports supplies. In this highly competitive business, safeguarding sensitive information is crucial. Deployment of Splunk Enterprise brought real benefits from existing security and logging infrastructure, as well as an increase in efficiency and productivity.

The sports equipment giant competes with the likes of Nike and Adidas at the forefront of intelligent sports technologies. Staying ahead means safeguarding R&D and IP, which the company achieved through an information security committee and information security office, as well as a computer security incident response team and a security operations center.

Security challenges

Despite this, challenges remained, in particular processing the logs from the many internal systems (crucial to identify patterns and suspicious devices, thus preventing issues), as well as preserving trails of evidence for social accountability. As is often the case, this turned out to be a time-consuming, manual set of tasks.

In addition to a solution for automatically analysing logs and evidence trails, ASICS needed to accurately detect every endpoint threat as well as ensure a timely response. Splunk Enterprise delivered all this and more, integrating seamlessly in the SOC environment, and doing so within a short timeframe and with a small investment.

The Splunk software runs on a virtual private cloud in ASICS’s data center, consolidating log data from all systems and analyzing them on a central platform. This generates insights and visibility, calculates risk scores and identifies threat and anomalies, all in real time. As all of this is automated, saving valuable manpower to focus on other high-value business activities.

The automation supplied by Splunk software goes beyond the security logs – the business profits, as Splunk Enterprise allows ASICS to quickly track potential issues and stay ahead of problems in business processes, such as shoe design and manufacturing. For a public company this is crucial and contributes to a better reputation, while also attracting talent and motivating employees.

Next step: User Behaviour

With Splunk at the center of ASICS’s security infrastructure, the company has benefitted not just from increased security and threat awareness, but also from an increase in operational efficiency and productivity. Reason enough for ASICS and Splunk to explore further avenues for successful cooperation, such as hunting insider threats and data breaches in order to protect corporate assets, while safeguarding employee privacy. For this, the company is evaluating Splunk User Behavior Analytics.

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