ICT Accelerate Industry Digital Transformation in New Normal

BrandPost By Tony Cao
Sep 22, 2020
IT Leadership

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Credit: Huawei

Our digital futures will be founded on connectivity, data, and intelligence. These three sides of the triangle ultimately capture our new intelligent world with everything connected, everything generating data, and everything being processed in ways to create actionable outcomes for improving our interactions with colleagues, customers, family, and friends.

Underpinning this is 5G, cloud, and AI, which represent where the rubber hits the road in building the adaptability and responsiveness future enterprises need. These technologies will help organizations compete in a digitally transformed world that will improve customer experience through real-time, data-driven transactions; optimize operations with automation and greater visibility throughout supply chains; and open up new opportunities for business growth.

Enterprises best placed to thrive in the new digital economy will be those with clear strategies for investment and growth on technology. Recently, this is even more critical as disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted the importance of adaptability and resilience for all enterprises, and these qualities will remain essential as they adjust to the new normal of the post-pandemic recovery.

According to the IDC Worldwide Semiannual Digital Transformation Spending Guide, Asia Pacific spending for digital transformation in 2019 was over US $380 billion, with an expected annual compound growth rate from 2017 to 2022 of 17.4%. Recognizing the importance of digital transformation, Huawei has continuously furthered innovation through significant investment in research and development. In 2019, R&D expenditure amounted to 15.3% of sales revenue. 

Leveraging its wealth of knowledge and experience in AI, 5G, and cloud, and combining it with real practical industrial application, Huawei can provide multiple technical collaboration solutions for customer service scenarios. Based on best practices and joint innovation, Huawei has developed a wide range of customer applications. Huawei has worked with 253 Fortune 500 enterprises in over 700 cities to help them meet their digital transformation goals and achieve real efficiency improvements, improve their new ICT professionalism, and build true scenario based solutions.

Innovative ICT technologies are required to reshape the traditional IT platform architecture of financial institutions, explore data value, and improve service channel experience. For instance, Huawei’s converged and flash customized design supported Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) to upgrade their ICT infrastructure, which effectively protects customers’ initial investment and reduces the total cost of ownership.

The pandemic has also made the need of digital transformation in education more urgent. At the Srinakharinwirot University (SWU), one of Thailand’s most respected universities, Huawei’s Cloud Campus allows students and professors enjoy full Wi-Fi coverage anytime and use applications such as Virtual Reality (VR) to facilitate communication, creativity, and innovative ideas.

Huawei has enabled scenario-based capabilities with a value-sharing ecosystem based on collaboration with partners, and extended them across domains to create continuous value for customers. Currently, this partner ecosystem includes more than 22,000 channel partners, 1,200 solution partners, and 3,900 service partners. An additional 900 talent alliance partners round out our talent ecosystem with a focus on building new ICT talent to address the shortfall of skilled resources.

Trustworthy for customers and partners with global services and support, Huawei has built a robust ecosystem for shared success that includes over 10,000 consulting partners, 2,000 technology partners, and 3,500 marketplace products benefiting more than three million developers and companies. Using a multitude of ecosystem support including our AI partner program, Huawei enables partners through our Solution partner program and Carrier partner program and offers online-offline collaboration through Huawei Cloud Marketplace and end-to-end commercial solutions.

Knowledge, application, and talent guide Huawei as part of our long-term development strategy to bring digital to every person, home, and organizations for a fully connected, intelligent world. By bringing together 5G, cloud, and AI, enterprises can significantly accelerate their digital transformation efforts. Major customers and partners in Asia Pacific choose Huawei to take advantage of our vast global operations with localized support and specific expertise for each region. With the broadest range of solutions across key technologies, Huawei represents the strongest possible partner to help enterprises achieve their future visions. Now enterprises can rest assured their digital transformation goals are met with solutions that provide core operational capabilities with an open and innovative ecosystem for improved customer satisfaction, optimized operations, and new revenue growth.