by Edward Qualtrough

Royal Opera House CTO issues HeartBleed warning

May 01, 20142 mins
Media and Entertainment IndustrySecurity Software

Royal Opera House(ROH) CTO Rob Greig has recommended its customers change their passwords because of the HeartBleed security bug, which he revealed has partially affected one of the technologies used at Covent Garden in London.

Servers used by ROH have been updated however, Greig said, as he reassured credit card details of ROH users have not been affected by the bug.

A host of technology companies – including HP, Dell, IBM, Box, Facebook and Google – have either rushed out security patches for their servers or similarly recommended password changes.

“The bug has partially affected one of the technologies that the Royal Opera House website uses,” CTO Greig said, “although we have no reason to suspect that the Royal Opera House website was compromised and our servers have been updated to fix the issue.

“We fixed the issue as soon as it was published, and have been working to ensure our website is as secure as possible. The bug did not affect credit card details because credit card information is managed using a different technology.”

The technology industry went into emergency mode last month when it was revealed that a severe flaw has existed since December 2011 in several versions of the OpenSSL cryptographic library used by millions of websites to encrypt their communications via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security).

“You have probably also heard from other companies asking you to change your password on their website,” Greig said.

“As a precaution we would recommend that you change your ROH website password.”