by Edward Qualtrough

IT professionals Audi-driving Waitrose and Star Wars fans

Nov 17, 20143 mins
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The average person with a professional interest in Information Technology is a man in their 40s or 50s who lives in London, enjoys motorsports and a chicken vindaloo, shops at Waitrose and drives an Audi.

At least that is the conjecture of the YouGov Profiler, a tool created by the polling organisation to reveal information about certain demographics, from fans of Taylor Swift to KitKat eaters and Bargain Hunt watchers. The product is powered by data collected in the YouGov Cube, a connected data vault which holds over 120,000 data points collected from over 200,000 UK YouGov members.

The YouGov Profiler reveals startling differences between those who may appear to have similar interests so it would be unscientific to suggest CIOs have a similar profile to those “with a professional interest in information technology”.

Indeed, while fans of the Italian composer Gioacchino Rossini are 60-year-old Welsh Toyota driving leftists who shop at Budgens, read The Telegraph and like Karate, enthusiasts of fellow bel canto melodist Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart are sexeganarian female alpine skiing and rugby loving right-wingers (politics, not the rugby position) who shop at Waitrose, drive a Renault, read County Life magazine and follow the Labour Party and Richard Dawkins on Twitter.

When not wearing Hugo Boss your person interested in IT is donning Levi’s, banks with online only service First Direct, reads the Financial Times, and has their shopping delivered by Ocado if not already stocked up from Waitrose.

Naturally male and well into their working life, women are massively underrepresented in their entertainment pursuits, not featuring at all in their top 10 musical interests (New Order, Rush, Aphex Twin, Orbital, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Tangerine Deam, AC/DC, Black Sabbath and Robert Miles).

Your favourite celebrities are, apparently, Jeremy Clarkson, James May, Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Cleese, Patrick Moore, Patrick Stewart, Bruce Willis, Clive Anderson, Kay Burley and Carol Vorderman. The YouGov Profiler does not say in particular what sycophantic Clarkson apologist Richard Hammond did to invoke the ire of IT professionals despite his Top Gear colleagues occupying the top two places on the list.

Sci-Fi dominates the movie list with Stanley Kubrick’s 1982 classic Blade Runner beating the original Star Wars to top spot with Episode Five: The Empire Strikes Back coming fourth. You are most likely to be checking out what Bill Gates, Dropbox, Google and Mars Curiosity say on Twitter when not watching Doctor Who, Family Guy, The Big Bang Theory or, of course, Top Gear.

Your politics is slightly left of centre and if you own a pet, which YouGov do not think is likely, it’s probably a goldfish.

And while much is made about the differences in personality and priorities of technology and marketing executives, the profiler reveals a number of similarities. Indeed, despite marketing executives revealing they can be arrogant, hyperactive, and demanding – they are also a bunch of Audo-driving, FT-reading Waitrose shoppers just like you.

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