by Julian Goldsmith

Top 10 unusual places for business calls

Jul 24, 20121 min
MobileSmall and Medium Business

More than half of office workers use their mobiles rather than landlines to make business calls, according to research out from cloud voice services provider Natterbox.

The research, from 1000 adults in July found over two thirds of respondents have jobs that expect them to take business calls out of office hours.

Many of the locations that out-of-office business calls are made are commonplace, but one or two speak volumes about how office workers are never out of reach.

The top ten oddest places where business calls were made over mobiles by the sample were:

1 Café: 68 per cent (7/10) 2 Car: 67 per cent (2/3) 3 Restaurant: 58 per cent 4 Shopping centre: 57 per cent 5 Park: 49 per cent (1/2) 6 Bar: 46 per cent 7 Bathroom: 32 per cent (1/3) 8 Hospital: 18 per cent (1/5) 9 Wedding reception: 17 per cent 10 Golf course:11 per cent (1/10)

The work-life balance implications of these metrics are food for thought, but so too is the issue of mobile call management and reporting.

Neil Hammerton, CEO at Natterbox said in a statement: “We advise firms to have measures in place like mobile call recording and integration with CRM systems. Calls need to be logged, archived and available for reporting and analytics, so that key business information isn’t lost.”