by Martin Veitch

Book review: The Change Equation

Jan 26, 2010
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The Change Equation How to Identify, Quantify and Overcome the Real Barriers to Organisational Change By Peter Duschinsky

The Change Equation, which is certainly a more buttoned-down book than either of the above and, given the subject matter, is none the worse for it. This is a sober, practical guide to managing transformational change, written by a management consultant with a particular focus on IT and e-procurement. Lots of books discuss the old chestnuts about percentage rates of change project failure but, like discussing the weather, few say much in practical terms as the how to alter the picture. By contrast, this is essentially a “how to” that can act as a crib sheet for those conducting change and perhaps being stymied. Cogent and concise, The Change Equation is a reference handbook to keep on the shelf or pass around your colleagues – but more graphical aids might have been helpful.

The Change Equation at Waterstones