by CIO Staff

Staffordshire County Council implementing new digital methodology

Aug 01, 20142 mins
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Staffordshire County Council has teamed up with management consultancy Adapt2Digital to help implement a new digitally adaptive methodology, which CIO Sander Kristel says can help bring about a culture change at the local government organisation.

Kristel, recognised in this year’s CIO 100 and a speaker at the CIO Summit on September 24th, will be leading the partnership along with the council’s head of customer service Dionne Lowndes.

“As a progressive authority we are very happy to have contracted with Adapt2Digital,” Kristel said.

“They focus on culture change and continuous improvement rather than just rebranding channel-shift as Digital. This approach uniquely aligns with our ethos and aspirations around digital and we look forward to seeing some great results.”

Co-founder of Adapt2Digital Stacey Perry said that her company has developed a unique framework and methodology to help clients adapt to digital on an on-going basis.

“It is a unique model in the market place currently,” she said. “Our nearest competitors being the ‘digital transformation’ services of the larger management consultancies like PwC, Accenture and Deloitte.”

Lowndes added: “For us it is crucial that Staffordshire becomes a Digital place rather than just focusing on council services.”

In June this year, Kristel told CIO UK that joint ventures, apps and utilising cloud services had become the building blocks to reducing the council’s budget and increasing its relevance, and at the start of the year said that end-to-end digital transactions would be key component of the council’s transformation in the next year.