by Rhys Lewis

Logica joins the green party

May 13, 20092 mins
IT Leadership

Logicahas followed SAP into the environmental reporting market with the launch of a sustainability performance monitoring tool aimed at helping CIOs comply with legislative requirements and identify where they can reduce their environmental impact.

SIRA – the Sustainability Indicator Reporting Application – includes a range of sustainability and environmental impact indicators based on internationally recognised standards concerning carbon emissions, water use and waste levels.

Using the flexible and scalable system, organisations can produce customised reports to integrate targets and encourage stakeholder engagement on sustainability issues.

Logica UK is implementing SIRA internally in 2009 with a view to building on current cost savings of £3.6m in energy costs over two years and £7m in travel costs.

Logica UK managing director for energy, utilities and telecoms Judith Halkerston said that SIRA would help organisations navigate their way through the maze of standards and regulations, and enable them to produce clear and accurate reports on their environmental performance.

“[Sustainability reporting] often requires a significant investment in resource and raises challenges to present the data in an intuitive and engaging manner,” she said.

“SIRA is designed to be implemented quickly and flexibly and will help an organisation identify immediate improvements and savings in its sustainability reporting, as well as reducing risk and exposure to potential fines.”

The launch of SIRA comes just days after SAP announced its intention to acquire carbon management software specialist Clear Standards.

Other global software firms have also entered the burgeoning market for carbon and sustainability reporting in the last year, with IBM and SAS unveiling carbon management and tracking products, and Oracle partnering with UK startup Zogix to develop an application aimed at tracking carbon emissions from travel, property and supply chains.