by Leo King

Ryanair £14 million network overhaul takes off

Sep 21, 2009
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Ryanairhas signed a €15 million (£13.5 million) deal with Cable & Wireless to overhaul its network.

Under the five year deal, C&W will run the Ryanair’s network, which covers 180 airports in 20 European countries. Network connections to all of the airline’s bases, corporate offices and datacentres are also covered by the deal.

The new network will replace a variety of localised networks. Ryanair said that having an “always-on” network was vital as it covers the whole customer journey from online book in to airport check-in. This includes check-in at airport electronic kiosks, where passengers can print boarding passes and check in their bags.

Eric Neville, head of IT at Ryanair, said that by using one large consolidated network the company would have “better productivity and efficiency at lower costs”.

“As we develop our facilities, it is important that we have a communication network that delivers what we need in terms of reliability and operational effectiveness, but also has the capacity to grow its pan-European network” he added.

In February, Ryanair rolled out in-flight mobile calls.

The same month, it rolled out the Navitaire New Skies reservation system. But a technical glitch that occurred in the summer prevented it from taking some bookings efficiently and complying with rules on displaying airport tax costs to customers.