by Thomas Macaulay

News Corp Global Operations CIO Sabah Carter video interview

Oct 11, 2019
IT Leadership

Credit: IDG

Sabah Carter, News Corp CIO for Global Operations, believes that the CIO and CSO partnership works best when the two work together as equals.

Carter discussed the relationship with Brigadier Alan Hill, University of Exeter Chief Information and Digital Officer, and Adebola Egunjobi from Axelos, during a panel discussion at the 2019 CIO Summit, and felt that all three of them had a similar view.

“I think the key thing that everyone came away with is actually to collaborate and work together and herd immunity, that if we work together as a group we have much more power,” she said.

Carter echoed the call for sustainability that was a recurring theme at the summit, adding that she was surprised to learn from Adam Turner, HMG and Defra Sustainable Technology Lead, and Defra Sustainable ICT Lead Mattie Yeta, how much money effective asset management could save.

“I didn’t realise just how much actually can still be recouped in terms of revenue or cost savings just from looking at the assets you have and disposing of them in the right way,” she said.

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Carter also expects to yield major savings from automation.

“Automation’s a big word for us at the moment, just making sure we’re getting rid of the dull chores for people and doing things in a way where you eliminate manual errors.”

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