by Richard Steel

A strategic plan for 2008

Jan 10, 20082 mins
IT Strategy

I chaired our monthly ICT Management and was mainly concerned to implement my “New Year Resolution” to run a more effective strategic management team. The agenda, reports and other material for all meetings will now be accessed through our SharePoint meeting space, projected onto the office wall.

We spent a fair amount of time on SharePoint issues, and agreed it will remain a standing agenda item until we are comfortable that it is effectively configured, robust and effective as the organisation’s core information repository. “Doctor SharePoint” (currently Matthew Keyworth) will be invited to attend future meetings for this item. In the meantime, all ICT personnel are being asked to ensure they set-up their own SharePoint “My Sites”, including profiles and photographs.

Other standing items will be:-

  • Systems Infrastructure Strategy.
  • Service Plans (& Star Chamber commitments progress).
  • Flexible Working in ICT.
  • Performance Indicators – focussing on trends and exceptions.
  • Software status – our current versions versus latest available, and plans for adoption of upcoming changes.
  • Audit Updates.
  • Building 1000 preparations – with the current focus on development of our training and support offer, as people move in.

Standing items will change over time, and there will obviously be ad-hoc items reflecting current priorities. One such item, on this occasion, was the Common Risks Guide return for our service.

SOCITM colleagues and I finalised the agenda for next Friday’s special Priority & Urgency Group and National Council, meetings, and the calling notices were sent-out. We also confirmed the date of this year’s AGM, at which we will announce the results of the organisational review and any concomitant restructuring, as 24th April, at the British Library.