by Mark Chillingworth

CIO Analysis channel open to all

Jun 12, 20113 mins

Business, technology and leadership, the three pillars of responsibility for today’s CIO and the three specialist analysis channels that feature on the CIO website. This channel is now freely available without a registration requirement and I urge you to take a close look at the excellent content available.  Three leading IT analyst houses partner with CIO UK to provide their insights and research into the ever shifting sands of our sector: Aberdeen Group, Freeform Dynamics and Forrester Research. They provide articles to our business, technology and leadership sub-channels respectively. 
Forrester Research has been an Analysis partner with CIO UK since we re-launched the website in 2009 and their insights into leadership come from their analysts within the CIO practice. This channel looks at the crucial skills CIOs need to lead their department and organisation. Issues discussed include how to secure the best new talent for your IT department, how to introduce social media, empowering the staff of the organisation through IT and motivating your staff. These articles are great starting point for researching these issues and will lead you to deeper research Forrester has carried out. 
Aberdeen Group joined the CIO community in January of this year and focus on the business topics that a CIO must utilise technology to address.  These articles look to address wide business issues, but Aberdeen Group’s experts in vertical markets such as retail are also contributing thought provoking articles. Recent analysis from Aberdeen Group have focussed on what CIOs need to be aware of when assessing the investments by Oracle, business benefits of using analytics systems and digital marketing plans as well as how the CIO can become a quality service champion. The archive of our Business analysis channel also features articles written by Capgemini, who were an original partner with CIO. 
Freeform Dynamics has been one of the most exciting and interesting new analyst houses of recent years and like Forrester joined CIO at the launch of our analysis channel. Its tech experts have written a wealth of articles on the latest technology trends that CIOs are engaging with. The organisation carries out a great deal of research and provides good data with many of its articles. Technologies and technology issues ranging from mobile devices, licensing, virtualisation, unified communications, cloud computing, tablets and business intelligence are addressed. 
There is a wealth of material in these three Analysis channels and I hope that by removing the registration part of this channel you will find material of great value to you.