by Mark Chillingworth

New CIO 100 demonstrates state of the economy

Dec 03, 2009
IT Strategy

It is no surprise that this year’s CIO100 has witnessed more changes than any previous CIO100. The dramatic change to the world economy following the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the ensuing credit crisis has affected all sectors and as a result their IT spending and strategies.

Although the credit crisis has undoubtedly reshaped this edition of the CIO100, there are some clear indications of how the modern economy is changing and in some ways, it paints a little picture of the British business landscape.

The public sector remains the dominant spender as organisations such as HMRC, the Ministry of Defence and the Department for Work and Pensions try and modernise themselves. The banks, now partially state owned in some cases, also remain at the top of our leader board.

Other organisations, who had been stalwarts of this title have dropped out. The reasons vary, betting has left the high street and become an offshore and IT based sector, manufacturing remains strong, but some players have struggled as demand for SUVs slumpeddrastically for example. Sectors such as construction were of course the hardest hit by the sudden lack of credit available from financial markets.

With industry changing so quickly so too will the CIO 100 from this publication forwards. Instead of an annual survey and compilation we will reflect the markets these companies operate in and revise the CIO100 on a quarterly basis. Therefore we hope you, the CIOs will engage with the CIO100 and ensure any major developments in your IT strategy are incorporated into the entry for your organisation, no matter how trivial.

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