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ASOS timeline CIO changes and meteoric rise

Sep 03, 20142 mins
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What a difference a year makes, 12 months ago ASOS was entering the growing markets of Russia and China and telling investors that it, unlike other retailers, had cracked digital. Today it is struggling with sell off rumours and the fallout from a blaze at its main warehouse.

ASOS has changed CIO regularly in recent years. Elsewhere in the CIO community the tenure of CIO has increased, but CIOs at ASOS average just two years. This could be, as the below demonstrates, the rapid rate of growth and change at ASOS. But as rumours of a buyout grow, does the online retailer need to steady its ship?

September 2014– CIO Pete Marsden resigns

August 2014– ASOS shares jump as stock market awash with rumours of takeover by Amazon or eBay

June 2014– Warehouse fires leads to a halt in sales as 500 staff evacuated from its new Barnsley centre where every sale product transits from

June 2014– ASOS issues profit warning as shares fall 31 per cent and it says China economy is slowing

2013– Founder and CEO Nick Robertson says, ““Digital is highly complex. Few have cracked it. Fewer have even made a profit.”

2013– ASOS expands into Russia and China and opens call centre in the USA

November 2012– Dan West IT Director leaves

2012– Dan West ranked 13th in CIO 100

October 2012–IT Director Dan West tells CIO Summit social media is critical to the business strategy

2012– Pre-tax profits increase from £15.7 million to £30.3 million, sales up 46 per cent at £495 million

December 2011– IT Director Dan West tells CIO UK in a profile that user experience is key to the IT strategy

2010– IT & Logistics Director Gary Mudie leaves ASOS

2011– Apps for iPad and iPhone launched

2011– Major growth year as sales up by 142% and revenues increase by 52%

2011– Facebook and fashion finders launched

2011– ASOS goes down under with Australian launch

2010– ASOS launches in France and Germany

2010– ASOS launches Mobile and Marketplace services

2009– ASOS life social network launched

November 2008– IT & Logistics Director Gary Mudie tells CIO UK: “One of the main differences between Asos and other retailers is that it’s a truly technology-led business”

2008– Quarter 2 sees a 95% increase in sales

2008– Gary Mudie joins as IT Director

2007– Magazine launched

2006– Online catwalk launched

2005– Buncefield oil depot fire shuts warehouse and £5m of stock is lots

2004– ASOS makes a profit

2001– AIM stock market listing

2000– dot com melt down as ASOS launches