by Richard Steel

Headache? Not the Socitm restructure

Mar 19, 20082 mins
IT Strategy

I was feeling increasingly off-colour, with a growing headache, yesterday, and woke-up at 1.30 with a sore throat. Brilliant! I would be out-of-sorts for probably the most important Socitm meeting I’d attended. I had a Lemsip drink and felt a lot better, although I couldn’t get back to sleep.

The Socitm National Council met at the Friends’ Meeting House, in Euston. As always, there was a very busy agenda, with financial matters to the fore, but the crucial decisions concerned agreement of the proposals to be made to next month’s annual general meeting. In particular, the new company structure, which would require constitutional changes.

I’m relieved to say that the proposals, entailing a much smaller board, were agreed.

Andy Roberts, the member services group chair, took us through its proposals for a new membership structure for the society. We weren’t looking for a decision today, but wanted to ensure a healthy discussion and debate enabling final proposals to be drawn up for agreement at an extraordinary general meeting to be held at our annual conference, in October, and hopefully implemented in good time for the next membership year.

As always, details are available to members through the GovX site.